Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wonderful E-mail Sent To My Brother

Rick…during my first six months in Arizona, my oldest daughter has hit by a pickup truck in a cross walk. Before my wife and I even knew of the accident, she was airlifted to the hospital and into life saving surgery. When we got to the hospital, they escorted us into a room, where a chaplain was sitting. The message was not very good and they were preparing us for the worse. Her skull had been fractured into a pie shape with the point of the fractured piece lacerating her brain. Ribs were broken, a lung punctured and her right arm broke. After the surgery…she was kept in a coma to allow time for her head, body to start healing. I can’t remember exactly for how long she was it the coma, but it seemed like an eternity as her fate was still unknown to us. But I do remember that after she was released from a coma…she was in a infant like state for ~3 weeks…and I do mean extremely limited motor skills, speech impairment, etc. Then one day…on one of my daily visits to the hospital, it was if somebody or something, flipped a switch in her…and the 12 year old Tina we knew was instantly back! As for the after effects….yes, Tina does stand a chance of being epileptic at some point in her life because of the injury to her brain…but for now she has worked her way through college, has a graduate degree and she is a program manager for a software company reporting directly to a Vice President. She has a child of her own…and every day is a gift for her as it is for us! I share this personal experience with you Rick, as a message of hope and faith. Good things can and do happen Rick…you just need to believe!


  1. Hi Dave and Jen,
    Troy and I have been thinking of you guys and Aviana constantly. Thank you for the blog that allows us to know how Aviana (and you!) are doing. :) We hope that the blogging brings you a small bit of peace, as well.
    Always in our hearts,
    Troy and Anne

  2. I know times right now are hard and may seem like nothing is being accomplished, but just know that Aviana is working her little magic and fighting as hard as she can. The road to recovery will seem long and like it will never end, but when she grows up and you guys think back one day, you will appreciate everything so much more. I felt the same way Dave did about the little things to worry about in life and when I came back from Iraq, I seen and did alot of horrible things in order to come back home to my family. I value the little things now in life and brush of the petty aspects. Keep strong and I am sure things will go through the process as expected, I cant wait to see her smile and I dont even know her yet.

  3. Jen, this story is so uplifting and encouraging! It just goes to show that all things are possible! Thinking of your baby girl ALL the time... Jen