Thursday, July 10, 2014

She Saved Us

The house was empty, the hole - gaping. Another dog was out of the question. How could we?

I was beyond one foot in front of the other. At that point, I couldn't even comprehend what a foot was. And as far as putting anything in front of the other - forget it.

We'd just returned from our most recent trip to The Institute's. Upon walking into the black and silent, my mind swung like a pendulum, while my head whipped. The words flew, "I'm ready. Tomorrow. We have to get that dog."

A leap of faith was an understatement. That little pup would have some awfully huge paws to fill. I didn't think it was possible.

Fate stepped in and due to a case of kennel cough this unnamed, picture-less dog was just released for adoption after being held under quarantine while we were in Pennsylvania for 13 whole days!

The phone rang. It was Dave, "Are you ready? I'm on my way. I'm going to stop, you jump in. We might make it by closing."

Aviana was sick with a cold. True to his words, Dave did a drive by. I ran out, strapped Aviana in with cat like reflexes, and off we went on the over three hour drive. Poor Avi. She couldn't lift her head and was sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, drippy head, unable to rest for the entire drive. The car was no place for our sick little Meek, especially a Mook with no head control. This was definitely not our proudest parenting moment, but we knew it was for a good cause.

We made it just after closing. Since we called, they waited for us. We were grateful! From a distance, this black little pup came walking towards us. With Aviana on my lap, I knelt down as she approached. We rarely put shoes on Aviana so barefoot she was. Strike 2 for us as parents to this sick child. We could have at least put socks on her, but had we, never would we have seen the beauty of what next transpired, so I say yay us!

The little pup calmly walked up and sat down right beside us. She then licked every one of Aviana's little toes. This made forgetting the socks worth it! Aviana sat staring straight down at her the entire time. That was it. I was done. This little dog was coming home. She was ours.

As all this was happening, the woman at the SPCA was feeding us every last known detail about this black dog. All I remember was being taken by every ounce of her sweet disposition. I love all animals, but I was kind of surprised by the way I felt after all we'd just been through.

I immediately looked up at the woman and for the second time, told her "We'll take her." She gave a faint smile and continued on with her schpeel about how sweet, how this, how that and the other. I had to tell her a total of three separate times that we would take her.

I could instantly tell that I, we, all three of us felt a soul connection with this girl. Something magical happened between the four of us. I never wanted that feeling to end. Much had been horribly broken over the past days. As we placed this beauty in the back of our car - I laid eyes on her, and for the first time since saying our final goodbye to Kama, I felt a glimmer of hope - a stir of life.

 Our light, in the darkness

She had no idea...

We're going home baby.

Rainey just had her first bath.

Aviana wasn't so sure.

She saved us, and continues to from that day forward.

We've had some saving to do ourselves, especially over the past 8 months...

Our song for our girl