Monday, June 22, 2009


This was a huge mistake to post these pictures. I just completely DESTROYED myself! I don't know what I was thinking!!!! We are going to visit her right now.


  1. Jen - I know you feel it was a mistake to post these pictures but as hard as it may be to look at them, it is a reminder of the true, beautiful spirit of this little girl who has touched all of our lives.

    Tears came to my eyes looking at them, but all I could see was love, pure love, not only is Aviana surrounded by it but she has brought it to so many. This is what I choose to focus on - the love of this little angel and all the lives she has touched and will continue to touch.

  2. Jen,

    I very much echo what Christie said. And I also still feel as I did before: remember when you said how hard it was for you to put pictures up in Avi’s room at the hospital, but you wanted all that interact with her to know what and who they are fighting for? The same is true for all that visit your blog; they are able to see AVIANA! Those who visit your blog that have never had the pleasure of meeting Avi, but who are praying for her, now have an image of your angel for prayer. They are able to SEE the love that she is, that she receives and gives. I can feel it when I read your post how hard it was for you and if gives me chills, but as Christie said, THIS is what many will choose to focus on and what will help keep Aviana strong. She is an angel - - EVERYONE can see that thanks to your post!

    You and I were talking last night about the good that can come from something so horrific. The love that people whom you’ve never met have for Avi and your family is good! Their love for Avi is able to grow from these pictures :o) SOOOO GOOD!!

    I also think of SGT. Merenda who, because of your post, is now able to see THE Aviana. That he is able to see the angel that he brought back to life. I feel as though I’m channeling Martha Stewart because this too is a “GOOD thing” ;o)

    I love you.