Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy As A Hippo

Makes me happy....

every single time!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Here Goosey

When I was in Junior College, there was a Momma Goose temporarily living at our school. She was waiting for her babies to be born. She was there morning, noon, and night. I would absolutely shriek the moment we pulled into the school, and I caught sight of her, or her baby daddy.

Daddy Goose was always close by, and would often times cruise the grass looking for food. I have a habit of always wanting to feed every species possible, so I brought a bag of bread to school one day. Jessica had her camera, so here are the pictures from the way back machine.

Proof that geese turn me cheese ball in one second flat!

These aren't all of them either, there are a bunch more.

My good friend Jessica and I.

Back in the days of minimal responsibility :o)

Jess ~ I hope you don't mind ;o)


"It takes a village to keep a special needs parent from jumping off the roof."

~ Christine Moers

Momma Goose

Canadian geese are my favorite!!! I love everything about them, especially the way they sound as they fly across the sky! I will literally stop whatever it is I am doing to watch them.

In fact, I will dig up some old pictures to show you just how much I have always loved them. Gosh, I haven't thought about those pictures in a long time. A great friend of mine, Jessica Cohelan, took those pictures of the goose, and I ;o)

Anyway, today I stumbled across these pictures on a 'crafty' blog I follow. She took these beautiful pictures of a momma goose, and her 6 little babies. I smiled from east to west when I saw these.

I hope they brighten your day!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Happy Birthday to our girl,


You are everything, to all of us!

Happy day my baby girl.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our Baby is Growing Up

When feeling sad, I need to motivate, and create. Dave and I were going to convert Aviana's crib to a full sized bed tonight, but in light of what kind of morning I had, I decided to do it today instead.

I took one look at Aviana, and she was literally telling me, "Forget therapy, let's decorate my room! We can do it, just the three of us girls. I know there is a lot of heavy lifting involved, but Rainey and I will cheer you on every step of the way!!"

I couldn't say no to that cute little, eager face, so we worked together, and got it done.  I have to admit, I felt pretty lonely while I was moving, and strenuously placing the full sized box spring, and mattress. I turned around, and my *so called* helpers were both sleeping!

I apologize in advance for the grainy pictures, my other camera battery was dead ;o(

Rainey looks like she is saying, "Mommy, are you really going to do this? There is still time to turn back.  Not that I don't have faith in you, but I'm just sayin."

Aviana looks like she is doubting my abilities in this picture ;o)

Oh Avi, you can't cheer very well from that position. I'm sorry, am I boring you with the assembly?

If you're wondering what the mess of a machine is, it's her respiratory patterning stuff. It is what she sleeps with every night. Luckily, it fits nicely underneath.

Notice how she was asleep for the hardest part. 

We only had a couple of casualties in the transformation. These are both now hidden by the bed.

Aviana's new room.

I have decided it needs two more pillows ;o) I am pillow crazy!

I got these for her room, and thought they were the cutest little things :o)

Aviana fell asleep again before her quilt was finished drying. I will let you know what she thinks of it all. She was really excited when I brought all of the bedding in the other day. She couldn't take her eyes off of it, and they were darting from one item to the next.

I am so thankful that she can show me emotions like that ;o)

My cousins Jeff and Penny generously gave us the furniture before Aviana's arrival.  This set is a gift that keeps on giving. Thank you both so very much!

The furniture has followed us from crib, to toddler bed, back to crib after the accident, and now to a full sized bed.

Now that's what I call cost saving furniture!

Without You

The excruciating pain comes in waves. I must admit, I'm in deep today.

This was Gary's very first time meeting, and holding Aviana.

This was the very last picture taken before the accident. It was taken the morning of...

I have officially made myself sick. Congratulations to me.

They're gone.

The word 'heartbroken' barely scratches the surface today.

I think I'll go throw my arms around what I do have!