Friday, June 26, 2009

What Actually Happened Yesterday.....

We were brought to our knees yesterday. I was unable to form the right words for the blog until now. I sent an e-mail to my new friend Trina (the Godsend who posted comments under the title Nana & Papa) and I will just include some of what I wrote to her....

"Thank you so much for reaching out to me. I have not been able to talk, type or anything today. That is up until now. The goal for this week has been for her ICP's to be under 20 for a 24 hour period and they would begin to take her out of the coma. They did end up having to give her one dose of medication to bring them down at one point, but said that was it.

We brought my mom and Gary in to see her yesterday and the nurse said the scans were not looking good. She has only had CT scans thus far, but they are trying to make sure she is stable enough to do an MRI which they are hoping to do today or this weekend. We decided to talk to the doctor and in a nutshell, she told us over the past four days they were looking for more improvement, which has not happened. She said the scans are looking bad and the damage is more global than one single area. She said she doesn't believe she will ever walk, talk or eat again.

They set a family meeting today to meet with all involved (neurosurgeons, doctors, etc) and then called at noon to reschedule saying they could not meet today. I reminded her of stories of recovery when the child was pretty much written off and she did not have much hope for us. She said she can't be 100% sure, but this is what the scans are telling her.

Trina is an unbelievable person who has nine (yes, NINE) children and still finds the time to help me (a complete stranger) to navigate through this horrific ordeal. She sent numerous e-mails today with support, love, hope, information, what to look for, questions to ask, what to expect now and in the name it, it was there.



  1. Just wanted to let you know that my family, friends, and I are praying for Aviana and the rest of your family. My husband and I have dealt with the struggles of adoption, and I can only imagine how difficult it must be to have your little girl in the hospital. We won't stop praying until she's able to come home with you and be your little spitfire again. God bless.

  2. Jen, Thank you for sharing the latest news about what the doctors say about Aviana. I know that that must be impossible to hear and very hard to put here on this blog. I also read Trina's comments and am so happy that she found you so happy you have someone who has been through this! Someone to help you navigate and continue to give you strength. We will continue to pray and to believe in the strength of your beautiful daughter. I so admire your courage and your strength.

  3. My heart goes out to you and your family. We have 3 children adopted from Guatemala and we are praying for little Avianna.

  4. God bless you and know that we are all praying for you and please don't give up. I have heard of countless stories of little children that were given no hope that they pulled thru with such inner strength. Also please know Richard also is feeling horrible now wishing he could have done more for her and for you, we all do. But I just hope you take this time to cherish your time and love to this precious little angel you have. We are all praying for you and will not give up hope for her, but know we are all here for you too.

  5. I would like to email you personally, if ok, please send email address to mine at: I am Richard's mom..bless you.

  6. Jen, there are so many of us 'unknowns' out here praying for Aviana. She CAN beat these odds, and we will not stop praying for her!

  7. A family from NC is sending their prayers for your precious daughter.

  8. Jen: Please know that we will not stop our prayers for Aviana. There is a saying, it isn't over until it is over. Keep faith and look to all of us for strength. I can hardly fathom the hell you are living right now. It isn't isn't fair. I wish my flow of tears could wash away pain, fear. I know the doctor gave you grim news but maybe it will get better and that little spark of maybe is all you need to let time give the answers. Let time allow your beautiful daughter a chance to heal.

  9. We are more of the "strangers" who have heard the story of Aviana, and want to offer up our support and prayers. It is difficult to imagine the fear and pain you must be experiencing, while your little daughter struggles to find her way back to you. I am the Mommy to a daughter who was also born in Guatemala, and we just wanted you all to know our hearts are with you. Thank you for the certainly painful task of updating friends, family and even strangers like us, about your precious girl. Our prayers continue for your whole family, and especially for your beautiful Aviana. We believe in miracles....With heartfelt support from Jen and Addison Grace, of Fredericksburg, VA

  10. Dave and Jen, we are saddened to hear of this not only because it is tragic news but that you are our family. I cannot imagine or fathom the pain and frustration of hearing such a thing.
    Courtney and i both feel the hurt you are consumed with. Trust us, we would be feeling the
    very same emotions if it were any of our own children, and there have bben some close calls on a few occasions as you well know. I know that the update was something you may not have been prepared for, none of us were for that matter.
    We are remaining optomistic that this can still all turn around. We love you and support you both whole heartedly, and will always be here if you need us.
    with love your bro

  11. It isn't over until it is over. What a powerful phrase.......and with all the love and prayers coming your way, Aviana has everyone in her corner.

  12. I am praying so very very hard for yall. I personally know a 3 year old that was hit by a car and died on the road, was revived, in icu with bolt in skull to remove pressure and everything and they were told as you are. That little girl is a perfectly healthy 9 year old now! :) I can give you her parents phone numbers if you need someone to talk to about all this :) WE ARE PRAYING.

    God bless,

  13. A childhood friend of my husband has a nephew who is 25. He did our roof 2 yrs ago. A few months after he was racing his car and crashed full speed into a cement wall. He skull was smashed on the front right and the prognosis not good. He was in a coma for months.

    Last week we had my husband's friend and nephew for a BBQ. The nephew is as he was when he did our roof. He's still got his sense of humour, he walks, talks like he never had this accident. He actually now (unlike a yr ago) remembers the instant before he crashed into the wall. His was had reconstructive surgery and he looks awesome.

    I'll pray for your daughter, but your latest entry is very very uplifting. It will be a long road, be patient, but I have a feeling she will be just fine!

  14. Jen & Dave,
    I am a friend of Amy Bulin's and she told me this morning about your beautiful Avi and this tragic accident and that you had a blog. I have read every one of your posts feeling great anguish and sadness for your ordeal. I felt I needed to comment on this post because I remember the "roller coaster" and letting the doctors get to me too, when my baby boy was just days old and in the NICU with a bleed in his brain. I did everything right during my pregnancy and in birth and for some unknown reason we will never understand, he had a brain bleed that noone detected and he nearly died just hours after birth. Less than 24 hours after birth my baby boy was rushed to Children's Hospital, Central California and I was discharged so I could be with him. We, too, were told that he may never leave that hospital; that he may not survive; that he would have permanent effects mild to severe due to the damage his brain sustained from the bleed. Some of the neurologists and neonatologists had better bedside manner than others and very different views on how Carter was doing. One day they would tell us he was looking great and the next doctor would tell us he may never make it home to us. I had to learn very quickly to temper my emotional response to what they were telling me or else I would go crazy. At the end of the day, all the doctors agreed that he would have some sort of permanent damage and likely have CP among other "deficits". I'll have you know that our baby boy Carter was able to come home to us and is thriving and shows absolutely no signs of CP or any other developmental delays. I don't take that for granted and pray every day that God will continue to bless us with continued health. I pray that God will continue to hold your beautiful Aviana in his hands ever so gently and heal her so that she can come home where she belongs. HE can do amazing things and that, coupled with the angels working at your daughter's bedside, sets the stage perfectly for a miracle. They happen every day.

    Love and prayers,