Friday, June 19, 2009

I can hear you, but I just don't want to understand

This seems to be the theme of the entire last two days. U.C Davis just called and said her brain is continuing to swell. He said he needed my permission to remove, let's see - what did they say? Oh yes, more of her skull. My mind was a blur as he rattled on....he wanted to take where they already took, and then on top of that her lateral, bi-lateral, peripheral and frontal skull. They said she needs to go into surgery and will call me the moment she goes in.

Hmmmm....let me think, ok go. What am I supposed to say?

He listed the side effects and I will not even go through those with you. They were enough to make me want to slam my head on this keyboard. It was much like one of those annoying prescription commercials. You know the ones where they list the side effects at super high speeds, but these side effects were much more grim than the ones on TV.

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