Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Like Peas and Carrots

Dear Dutch Cocoa Somersaults ~

Do you remember? It happened one night, and by accident. I honestly wish Amy had never introduced us to each other, because now, I can't stay away! Wherever I am, and whatever I'm doing...you call me. I'm addicted to your tasty, crunchy, slightly sweet, yet...I don't know what-ness! I even snuck you into the movie with me the other night! Look what you've done to me, you've taken the place of my all time favorite movie candies; Chewy Sweet Tarts and Raisinets...how dare you! Darn you dutch co-coay!!

You look much like bird seed, so as I mindlessly chow down, I simultaneously fool myself into acting like you are just that...birdseed, and I am a bird?!? It makes sense at the time, and it all feels better at face stuffing time, okay? But deep down, and after the damage is done...I know the truth. When I finally come to my senses and sheepishly peer over into the bag and it's way down, I know....you are not birdseed, and I am not a bird. I am a pig!

I am not here though to just tell of our crazy dysfunctional relationship together. I know others can have something much more normal with you. Because I was introduced to you, I think others should know just how special you are too. I hope you don't mind if I share your goodness with the world. You know you are my newest and truest addiction love...

Forever & Always,


Monday, September 24, 2012

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

Like marbles, thoughts have been rolling around this head of mine, so if you don't mind, I'm going to just let loose...

Are my blog notes getting all smashed up at the bottom? Can you let me know if this is happening? My neighbor and Dave's mom have said something, but I'm wondering if, and when, this is happening to anyone else? Is it usually when I include pictures? Is it when I yap my gap and run too long? I think I may need to start compressing my pictures?
Thank you!

I know it's September, but I've got Aviana's Elves on the brain! Do you think you want to do it again? I couldn't resist some of the 75% off back to school items at Target, so we already started shopping for some of the care package supplies. The idea came to me so late last year, that this year - I'm hoping to have everything in good order. My mom and I have already started going around to businesses as, what's that saying? Oh yes, early bird gets the worm, right? Dave and I are also getting the therapy room all ready for the supplies too! These Elves are going to be ultra organized this year, as we all know how hard Avi cracked that whip last year! 

I am K-cup crazy! Are you? My favorite flavors are Pumpkin Spice, Butter Toffee, Cinnamon Roll (thanks Dixie), and Carmel Vanilla Cream. What are yours?

I am so excited, and I just can't hide it...for Fall that is! My favorite holiday of the year is Halloween and I have the hardest time waiting for October 1st to put up all of my decorations. A couple years ago, I ordered a bunch of new decorations and because I have a patience problem, I put them up in the middle of September...yeah, it ended up being too early : / 

I can't figure out what we should all be for Halloween this year. I keep going back and forth with what Avi should be, actually...I had it all figured out, but it got vetoed by everyone! As for Dave and me...I haven't a clue!! We have two parties, so we better figure it out! What are you, and your kids going to be??

My Mom was jonesing for Aviana on Saturday, "can we have her? I need her? Do you and Dave want to go out to dinner? To a movie? Do you want to leave her here? We'll watch her? It's really no problem. Overnight, okay?" She literally said all of this without taking a breath. It was impressive! We went back and forth, and then decided to grace her with the Miki's presence. On our way, Dave and I were talking about what a cheap date I am, all he has to do is take me to Taco Bell, get me a potato taco and 12 packets of hot sauce and then take me to a different (meaning not our) Costco and I'm happy as a clam. What does that mean? Seriously, I'm going to have to look that up. Anyway, we did something else...we went to a really nice dinner, and then went and saw Trouble with the Curve, because my very favorite movie, the one I want to see 554 times was not playing anymore...and that is Celeste and Jesse Forever. Thankfully, we thought it was really good. 

Every time Aviana gets home from my Mom's house she smells so good. We don't ever want to bathe her again...is that so wrong? 

Aviana has a new teacher this year, his name is Ian. He is something else, something exceptional. I went in a few weeks ago, because feeding Avi is no easy feat. I knew some of the staff from last year, but many I didn't. I usually have a tendency toward words, but when it comes to the way I feel about everyone at her school...I am at a complete and total loss. They are that good.

I am missing Sgt. Merenda something deep right now.

There's a new reader here, her name is Julie (hi Julie)! She told me about this blog that has a segment called, 'Special Needs Spotlight' where she shares the stories of other special needs families. Julie read my blog from front to back (my gosh, that must have been a trip!) and thought I should share our story! I thought further, and decided it would be a great idea if I did something like that on here!! I thought it would be so neat to connect with others in that way and share their stories too. I think it is so important to tell how they deal with the struggles of getting through the difficult. So, I am trying to figure out what to call it, as I would like to include not only families with special needs kids, but other families dealing with other sorts of loss and grieving type situations too. If you have any ideas, can you please let me know...I would appreciate it. Thank you Julie, I can't wait to start this!  

Our office is tan and brown right now, but because I am in here a lot of the time, we decided to brighten it up a bit and paint it a shade of yellow. I went out yesterday and got about 14 paint swatches. We are also going to send off all the stuff that's on the walls to Dave's office and go get new stuff to decorate it : ) I also saw this recently and wanted to start this project once the room is painted. It amazes me how creative some people are! I can't wait to hang it in the office!!

I look like I'm in high school. My face is all broken out on one side, and worse than ever before. I know I've had a lot of things going on and all at once lately, but sheesh...I've been doing my best to overcome? Do you guys think after using certain face cleansers, toners, and products for years, you build up a tolerance? The dermatologist said no, but I think yes! I also got a Clarasonic about 6 months ago and I swear that thing has wreaked havoc on my skin. They say...keep trying...but for how long??? I called my doctor and he called in a new prescription. It is awful! Ahhhh, to be 17 again ; )

Avi and I have been spending a lot of time laying around together. You know how I said I can't hold her all the time, and that feels bad, well when I walk by her...I see more of her body. When I hold her, I see more of her soul. I, of course, like to be up close and personal with her soul. So we have been laying together, reading books, talking about life, holding hands, listening to music, and just staring into each others eyes (OO)...those are eyes! Yeah, we do a good amount of that. Rainey likes to get in on this time too. She gets really philosophical, that one. She's deep! If I just shut my mouth for a while, and listen to the silence...these two have a lot to say! It's kind of weird hanging out all day with two that don't talk at all, I mean weird in a good way, I've always liked silence, but sometimes I wonder if it's too much, and takes a toll on me? For the most part though, I do enjoy it. My grandma always used to say - everything in moderation, and I guess that is what I need...that's probably what everyone needs, right?

Auntie Amy brought the best book in the entire world over for Avi last week. I can't say what it is until after Christmas, because I plan on buying one for everyone! And by everyone, I don't just mean all the kids, I mean everyone! I wonder if Avi wants to move onto another book? I don't think so, I can always tell if she is tired of a book. Amy bought her a book she didn't like and you should have seen her, it was so funny, she definitely told me she wanted to read her favorite, which is Skelly, The Skeleton Girl. See, I read her Halloween books even in the summer. Oh my gosh...do you guys have that one for your kids? It is Avi and my absolute favorite!! Before the accident Avi used to go crazy for it, and even now, I can tell she still loves it!!! 

Oooohh, maybe I should do a contest and give one away through eGiftem so you can see how it works!!

My soul is in constant need of work, and sometimes I forget that. I was doing so good, for so long, that August came and smacked me upside the head, and left a lasting impression. One that I needed to recover from. I haven't been to counseling in so long. I was in dire need of some work, so I had to scrape myself up off the floor and put in the time, effort and energy. I have been in the process of souping myself up, and I feel so much better. I think that might be for the next post though : )

I love this girl. Have I told you lately? There will be about...a ton more of these, but for now, here is one.

Oh Avi, you're so cool you must wear your shades inside, I understand...

Friday, September 21, 2012

If You Haven't Already...

Meet Taylor Morris...

And his girlfriend, Danielle. 

He walks...

His homecoming...

Their blog...

Taylor and Danielle are two of the most inspiring people I have ever come across, but beyond that, they are the sole definition that love knows no bounds.

Both grace and beauty at their finest.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Picture Day

Although it was picture day yesterday,  I couldn't help but take a few ton before Aviana left for school. It was easy to narrow these ones down for once, as I had a terrible headache at the time, and the quality of most of the pictures reflected that fact perfectly!

I was thankful to have gotten a few though : )

Oh Avi...you steal this heart of mine girl!

Her Very Own Busy Bee

When we are out and about on any sort of adventure, we tend to stop at every dog shop we see along the way. On our most recent trip, we stopped at a store named George and got Rainey a new outfit (collar) and also, just had to have this Busy Bee. He reminded us of one of our very favorite scenes, from one of our very favorite movies.


If you are a dog lover, I'm sure you've seen Best in Show!

And, if so...then how can you forget this!  

Awww, so sad...as these two had sure seen better days, and didn't always want to kill each other...

Anyway, back to the Busy Bee..

You mean...he's for me!

❤ ❤ ❤ 

numb, numb, numb


Ahhhhh....a nice stretch, 

I better save some bee for tomorrow.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Thirty Five

Dave has been outrageously busy at work. By that, I mean 12-14 hour days, and every weekend too. For his birthday we decided to get away, and take a drive to Stinson Beach. It was nice to turn up the music, and escape all responsibility, even if for only a little while.

All along we were going to take Aviana and Rainey, but at the last minute we decided to go, just the two of us. Because Dave has been putting in such long hours, I have been holding down the fort here at home. And after what Rainey pulled in San Francisco, she pretty much sealed the deal on Stinson Beach! 

We knew we were going to be making many stops, journey up and down lots of stairs, traveling across much sand, and in and out of the car a ton of times. We both felt much too exhausted, both physically and mentally, so we left them home. Blessed are we to have our girl Natalie who came and watched them while we were gone : ) 

This was Muir Beach. It was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful!!

I have a hard time wrapping my brain around it...thirty five. I met him when he was 19.

As you can see, it was mighty windy out there.

I've always loved windy hair pictures!!

They crack me UP!

This one was down at the actual point.

Hee! Too funny!

Wouldn't you know it...we found a petting zoo on our journey in Marin!

I wanted to take a pony ride, but Dave said...

1. We didn't have time  : (
2. Pony rides are for kids : ((

Since it was his birthday, I only listened to reasoning #1

But I did fall in l-o-v-e...

Stinson Beach...ahhhh

We loved this place, every single solitary edible item coming in, and out of this place looked perfectly fresh. Everywhere I go, I have visions of taking a little bite of this, and a little bite of that, off each persons' plate. Is that so wrong? We only got a blueberry muffin and a coffee, as we were saving room for lunch in Stinson Beach.

On our way back from Stinson, I ran into this other bakery called Miette and bought this big, honkin' slice of Coconut Cream Cake. She asked me if we were going to eat it all now, and I said no way as it weighed about 6 pounds. She advised me to keep the rest in the fridge. 

Dave and I sat down, and I thought we would surely only eat maybe half, but bite by bite...we devoured the entire thing. 

After the damage was done, I peeked my head into that cute little bakery and confessed,
"It's gone. All of it. Nothing left for the fridge. All 6 pounds. The whole block. Gone." 
She was so proud of us!

But that's what you're supposed to do on a birthday, right?

Have your cake and eat it too!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Present Progression

I think I told you I've been working really hard on a patience problem.  Well it kicks in to high gear when it comes to giving gifts. I have a terrible habit of making, urging, going positively insane on people in order to get them to open their presents early. Hmmm....I wonder where I get it from....MOM!!! Anyway, I very sweetly shoved Dave's presents in front of him the night before his birthday. 

I thought this progression of pictures was so cute I just had to share them with you. 

Avi, can you help me open my birthday present?

You'll think about it?

She looks buried behind everything here.

Oh, there she is....looking all sweetsie behind the action.

Hi honey pie. Thank you for your help.

You look mighty cute with that bow around your neck : )

Birthday on the Bay

The beginning of September is always a busy time around here. Two of the most important men in my life have back to back birthdays! My dad's day is usually over Labor Day weekend, and then Dave's is just three shorts days later.

Our usual plan is to always go to Tahoe for the holiday weekend, but this year, my dad decided to come down here for the week. He decided this because of my terrible track record of pretty much always getting a migraine when venturing up there ; ( 

Because he was going to be coming down our way, I didn't want to do the same types of things we always do, so I had to really stretch my brain. Finally though, it hit me...there's this show he has talked about numerous times in San Francisco called Beach Blanket Babylon. Even though he's seen it three times prior, I just knew he'd want to see it again!

I called him before I bought the tickets, just to make sure he'd want to go again, and before the words were even out of my mouth...he was all over it!! This show was the absolute perfect gift! 

Well, that and a Keurig. Everyone should have a Keurig, right?

I love how Snoozer is all ready for his picture, too!

Do you think Dave looks a little fried in this picture? It's because he was. This was about 15 minutes out of the truck and into San Francisco with the dogs. 

Patience has never been my strong suit. I've had to learn over the years. But, I happen to be the most patient person when it comes to dogs. What I am trying to say is, you can't rattle this cage when it comes to the canine variety! Well...these two drove us CrAzY. They are normally two of the best dogs ever, but they tore it up in SF. 

The two of them acted like a couple of banshees. They were egging each other on, barking, chasing birds, scaring poor innocent other dogs, pulling on their leashes, tangling me up (and I was in heels, that's dangerous in itself), you name it! 

At one point, my dad told me we almost got kicked off the wharf. What? Yeah, you heard me, kicked off the wharf! And we deserved it!! Why didn't I know, after all, I was standing right by him, right there. It's because I was trying to wrangle my own wild beast of a dog! So, we ended up kicking ourselves off the wharf! I was thinking, "who the heck are you two? And what did you do with our dogs????" We were about to lose our minds. 

I usually do anything and everything to keep Rainey with me! That day...I've never been so happy to see the two of them go back to the truck...I said, both of you, git (not to be confused with get) in the truck - buh bye

We went through this area of all these old games, and such. It was like a time warp. My dad was showing me Laughing Sal, also known as the famous Fat Lady. She used to live at the entrance of this place in San Francisco called Playland. My dad told me how he and my mom used to go there a lot. 

Someone put a couple quarters in, and what began was a funny, turned really creepy laugh. I became instantly relieved that she was behind some thick glass and I was with my dad, because even at 37 years old, I didn't trust Sally, or Sal, or whatever her name was...

I just found this video on You Tube...grab your dad, or a teddy bear, or something of that sort, and remember...I warned you ; )

Shoot, I thought I got a picture with the Fat Lady in it, but I guess I didn't : / 

This was what Playland looked like. 
Sadly, it closed down Labor Day weekend 1972.

I love old photo booths!!

One of my favorite part is where it says,

~ YOU ~
Ought'a be in pictures!

Remember these?

My dad and those two menacing mutts!

I have always loved these monkeys, so when I saw this - I had to capture it.

~ speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil ~

Hoddy and me... 

at dinner.

If you're ever in the San Francisco area, this is a great show!! It's the longest running show, at 38 years! They do an amazing job and my dad was right, after hearing about it for all these years...I'm so happy to have finally seen it!

The hats are some of the most unbelievable things ever. This one was worn at the end, and it even lit up and had a little cable car that traveled around : )

All that terrorizing makes for some sleepy pups...

Night Night