Friday, June 19, 2009

What happened, it's dark outside!

Prior to visiting Aviana today, we stopped at Kaiser and I picked up some drugs to cope with this situation. We have been drugged (thanks to some pill popping passers in my family- you know who you are) for majority of the time thus far, but now we finally have our very own prescription.

We each took one tiny, little, blue pill prior to the doctor coming out with the news of round 3 of, "Why not take more of Aviana's skull" surgery. These pills were different in some way....very, very, different! To the tune of wobbly legs, frequent floating on air, fairly good mood considering, stupid grin on our faces at times.

One of my best friends greeted us at the door of the PICU when we got there and after I took that pill, she knew the moment it took affect. Thank goodness for such a wonderful little pill. This is the third (oh my gosh, third) surgery she needed to have, and survive. We were a ball of nerves until they came out. What am I saying, until they came out, before coming out, while walking out, while standing there, while speaking, while walking away, after they were gone and everything in between.

The doctor said she did well, they removed much more of her skull. We will be able to go upstairs and see her soon. He said her brain is now able to swell out, which in turn, will lower her brain pressure. All I could think was ~ my sweet little fighter.
 We waited, what seemed like forever, and then finally we were able to go in and see her. Her sweet little face was much more swollen. They had previously warned us of the swelling prior to seeing her. What they didn't know is our little one (as all of you know) has chipmunk cheeks. Every time we went in before, she barely looked was different!!  We stayed with her for a little while and pretty much same as stimulation - let her rest, as that is what's best for her.

We had stayed up until 5am this morning and then woke up at 8. I passed out on the way home from the hospital. We actually ate (huge advances for us) and we came home to take a catnap. All of a sudden Zoe woke me up with her crazy meowing.

I said, "What happened? It's dark outside." I looked at the clock...11pm...what happened? If you know me, you know I'm a light sleep and wake up many times throughout the night and for various reasons. As you can imagine, I was shocked to have slept through phones ringing off the hook, the doorbell, etc.

By the way, as it turns out...we found out that one of our tiny blue pills is equivalent to if we ate four of what our family was giving us. So, if my math skills are up to par, we were taking four times what we thought we were taking.

Well, that explains that!

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