Saturday, June 20, 2009

Where's the boss??

Aviana stays at my mom and Gary's house a couple days here and there while they are up in Lincoln. Kama is used to that.

This morning as I woke up, I caught Kama standing in front of Aviana's closed door. I think she has finally realized she is not just gone to my mom and Gary's. I think she is now wondering where she is. I think she is wondering why she is not hearing things like "Hi Kama, good moring." Why she is not receiving hugs and kisses from that little pint sized girl, why it is so quiet around this place.

She is above all not being bossed around all day long. Who knows she may be missing these words: No Kama, Mommy's shirt. No Kama, Avi's toy. No Kama, Daddy's shoes. No Kama, Avi's blanket. No Kama, Avi's clip. Kama, sit down. Kama, move please. Kama, go outside. Kama, eat food. We always said, can you imagine what she would be like with a sibling....oh my goodness!!

I sure am missing all the talking she does to Kama. I am missing hearing her say, "Mommy Kama/Zoe throw up" (with hand motion), I am missing her say, "bless you" when Kama, Zoe or I sneeze.

I can go on forever....


  1. Dear Jen, Dave and Family,

    I just learned of this horrific accident. My heart is so heavy and can barely type these words through my tears. Please know that Dave and my prayers, thoughts and hopes go out to Aviana and your family. I hope the next blog reports that Aviana is doing well and will be sent home soon.

    All my love, Jill

  2. Thank you for posting Jill! It means a lot to us : )