Tuesday, June 19, 2012


You know what I know for sure? That I don't know anything! I have an entire post about this subject, but for now...Nashville was one of the very last places I ever thought I wanted to go in my life.

Seven years ago, you couldn't get me to listen to one note of country music, even if you sat on me, and strapped me down into a chair. I would have found a way to fight my way out, and run from what I thought was the most annoying, non-music, sounding twang. 

Look at me now. My choice of vacation destination...Nashville, Tennesse.  

I've learned to never say never.

Our hotel was in the heart of music row, and right next to the Ryman Auditorium. My dad and I rounded the corner and there was live music flowing out of every well...what they call Honkey Tonk, down the entire street. It was crazy!

I was determined to come back with a pair of cowboy boots...I wanna be a cowgirl! 

Did I really just say that? 

My dad and I liked this sign because only one letter was still lit!

We walked all over looking for this place because we heard they had really good Fried Dill Pickles. We finally stopped and asked this horse drawn carriage guy if he knew where it was, he said, "Well, let's see, if you turn around and take a few steps that way, and he pointed to that sign." 

Yeah, it was right behind us, and pretty embarrassing. Nothing screams TOURIST quite like that!

This bar was all dollar bills.

This was the coolest thing ever. They would pedal their little bar around town while drinking at the same time. I took some video below.

The CMT Awards were the night we left, which was the kick off to the week of Fan Fair. It was perfect because the days leading up were getting busier and busier downtown, but we got out just in time for the zoo of people! 

We went to the famous Loveless Cafe.

Love these signs, they are all over Nashville.

I asked the waitress what their best pies were, and she said Coconut and Peanut Butter Cream. I said, well then, I'll have one of each.

Pie. It's what's for breakfast.

I had a bite of each. It's my job, right - to taste pie everywhere I go!

I put my dad to work...

While I went shopping : )

We then kept on driving to Graceland.

I couldn't believe how many gold and platinum records he earned. 

This wasn't even close to all of them...

He, his grandmother, mom, dad, and a marker for his twin brother were all there. 

My daddy and me : )

Gary Allan's tour bus!

Ok...my dad and I have had so many laughs about these pictures of Gary Allan and me. They are so terrible and I haven't showed them to anyone, not even Dave. I didn't want to post them on here, but my dad said that it's the whole reason I went to Nashville. 

He's right, so I am going to. He said, "it's ok honey, there's nothing wrong other than the fact that you look like a Cheshire Cat!" That's exactly the word I was looking for! That is exactly what I look like ; ) I swear to God, when I pulled these pictures up, I took one look and thought, "What the? I've never even seen myself smile like that, what happened to my eyes?" It was all kinds of weird! 

If I told you about when I requested a song, you would die laughing. I made a total spectacle of myself. Someone else stepped into my body and took over. My dad and I were looking at each other wondering who the heck I was? Often times, I don't even know anymore?

The whole Gary Allan thing was one misstep after the next. I was falling all over myself ; /

They have a watermark, because I am not about to pay $20 a print for them. I will just appreciate my other picture I have with him from when I met him this past September : )

Gary Allan's clothing store.

We were driving and my dad saw this! He turned around and went back to get some pictures.

Isn't it great?!?

Why yes I do!

This is a famous bar that used to have a tunnel connected to the Ryman Auditorium, which used to be the old Grand Ole Opry. Back in the day, they used to perform, take a break, go through the tunnel to the bar, grab a drink and then go back and keep performing!

This is pretty much what it looked like when you pass by any place up and down the street!

My dad has told me about fireflies, and I was dying to see one as I had never in my life. We waited until dark and went to this really cool park. We sat out there for a while and watched them fly around. I had never seen anything like it. They were one of the neatest little things on earth. We were so taken by them. We wished we could bottle them up and start them here in California!

They were definitely one of the highlights of the whole trip!

These are the dressing room numbers. Since 4 is my very favorite number...

I love this dressing room!

That black metal bar on the wall represents where the water rose to when the place flooded a few years ago : ( 

I felt instantly sick when we saw the line up on the wall. Do you see what I see? Kip Moore from 7-7:30 on June 5th. This was a revised schedule. I didn't know he was there, but after Gary Allan, we could have definitely made it over to see him!

The circle you see on the stage was cut out from the old Opry so all performers can stand in the very place the original performers stood. They were devastated when the place was flooded, as this piece was under all that water. It was restored though, and put back into place.

It took them 4 months of working 24/7 until they were able to re-open. 

Now I can be a cowgirl ; )

But, where am I going to wear them?

Around the house.

The store.

To Target.

To the park.

To take Avi and Rainey on a walk.

Wherever I want, right?


Never Say Never

Nashville was one of the best trips of my life. I loved the town, but most of all I loved the people. They were all so nice, and so honest. I can't tell you how many people said they didn't like fried dill pickles, and they couldn't stand country music.

I found it so refreshing.

I love you Nashville, we'll definitely be back!


  1. THAT was fun! I want to go to the dollar bar and the pedal bar and have breakfast at the Loveless Cafe. Very cool pictures!

  2. The boots, hell yeah! Wear them anywhere!!!

    I'm where you were 7 years ago. I don't like country music. But I do like Johnny Cash and one of my favorite songs by Kings of Leon is "Back Down South" which is very honky tonky which I find wonky (you KNOW I had to work my word in there, haha).

    So consider yourself challenged.

    I will make you into a road trip girl and you make me into a country fan.


  3. Long time reader, first time commenter. LOVE the boots. Bought myself a pair last year at Boot Barn off Highway 50. My husband asked me when I was ever going to wear them. I told him I could wear them with jeans, shorts, sundresses, or even naked. He hasn't given me a bad time since!

    I even wore them to my annual appointment, if you know what I mean. My doctor asked if they were Italian leather - ha! Told my mom that when I got home and she called me "Puss N Boots" - we were cracking up!!

  4. Looks like an awesome trip. I think it's neat you got to hang out with your dad. I want to go to Graceland someday. I'm not a big Elvis fan, but I still think it would be interesting.

  5. AWESOME PICTURES!!!! what a GREAT TRIP you and your dad had! and yes i agree CHESHIRE CAT!!!

    ONE QUESTION....did the people macking on the lawn at the park where you were watching fireflies KNOW you were taking pictures of them?! :)

    i loved seeing all the sights around nashville....one of these years....i WILL get there. and i WILL get my cowboy boots too (your are gorgeous!)

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