Thursday, November 30, 2017

In Between

Sitting beside Aviana, I learned about silence. Since, I prefer the space between.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Must Write Words

November 8th

Seven years ago, I knelt as a black puppy made her way over to us. She sat, then licked Aviana's bare feet. This morning I thanked that black puppy for taking such good care of us, then gave her too many kisses to count.

I ate my favorite oatmeal: with flax seeds, a mix of mostly flame and a couple thompson raisins, chopped pecans, a ridiculous amount of cinnamon, a dash of nutmeg, a bit of clove, a shake of salt, a 1/4 cup of almond milk, and just under 3/4 cup water. Heaven in a bowl!

Rainey and I hiked to the lookout behind our house. It's cute; she thinks she can catch a chipmunk. With pockets of sun, the trees were swaying and the air was cold and crisp. Come on snowflakes!

While working on Aviana's Elves, my principal sent a text about a family in urgent need. The day's plan changed. A trip to Reno moved to the front. On this third day of shopping for the week, Reno and I had a bit of communication breakdown. Things didn't turn out right. Four huge bags is still okay though, right? Because we'll shop more this weekend, I told myself it was okay.

After shopping, I could eat my dashboard. I wanted a Flat White coffee. I parked, even opened my door, but it didn't sound good. Until I got back to Tahoe, I wanted the apple riding next to me. Did you know I have a year round obsession? Envy. Opal. Lady Alice. Fuji. Apple. Apple. Give me another apple, please. Do you love apples?

On the way to Reno and home, it snowed over the top of Mt. Rose. Glittery white on my windshield 

I got home and smothered Rainey in more treats, love, and kisses.

I booked a trip to meet my friend, his wife, and son. He and I met in 6th grade. Because his and my last name started with W, we sat next to each other in class. We then connected after Aviana's accident and became best friends. You just never know when you'll meet your life long best friends, do you? 

I thought and did, ate and drank some coffee, then pulled my computer onto my lap and typed, "Must Write Words."

I hope you're November 8th has been filled with all that makes you feel good and fall-ish.