Thursday, February 22, 2018


My cousin, my first best friend. She's the one I fell out of my dad's truck for and ran through the forest to. Together we built elaborate forts, jarred pollywogs and caterpillars, then watched as they turned to frogs and butterflies.

My cousin held me soft, but strong when Aviana was hurt. When Avi died, Erin created the perfect tribute.

When my cousin's mom died, I tried to hold her back.

My cousin's a dreamer, but not the kind who stores them in her head or the sky. She brings them to life.

My cousin, the keeper of the best in my childhood. My "Murder in the Dark" playing, raft toting, crawdad catching, wave and winter partner in life - yep, she authored her way to a three book deal.

My cousin, my first best friend - the one who set the bar for friends to follow - let me count the ways I admire you. Oh no! I ran out of fingers and toes.