Saturday, May 7, 2011


I see the stories all the time.  Person involved in an accident.  Person went without oxygen for a period of time. Person airlifted to whatever hospital.

Person dies hours later.

Person dies the next day.

Person dies five days later.

Person dies two weeks later.

Person dies one month later.

Person dies fifty two days later.

Person dies a year later.

I always wonder how did the person die.

Was it naturally?

Or was it because their family had to make the horrifying decision to let them go?

After standing in that very position, I completely understand families deciding one way, or the other.

Call me morbid, but after reading devastating news, I can't help, but wonder.


  1. It's a natural response. I remember when we had to make that exact decision....twice in my lifetime.....

  2. I would imagine that you would wonder even more now after being in a similiar situation.

  3. Not morbid - and I know exactly what you mean. I hope that when the time comes she will know it and I will too.