Monday, May 16, 2011


I decided to start with Easter ;o) We went to my parents, and my Aunt, and Uncle came over too.

This is Aviana, and her  hoochie doll. As you can see, she loved her gift from her Nana.

My Uncle always brings the BEST cakes to any sort of celebration. This was was so neat looking, and extremely good. Cake is my all time favorite!

We tried to get Aviana to stop using her iPad at the dinner table, but she wasn't listening to us!

After we got home, I wanted to see what she would look like standing in her dress.

Look everyone, no hands!

"No, Rainey!! I'm trying to stand!!"

Sheesh, sibling's tough!

This is her paying homage to the late, great Michael Jackson!


  1. HOw neat to see her stand, will any of her upcomig therapy involve a walker of sorts for her?

  2. She looks beautiful as always. She looks great standing. And I loved your description of the doll!!!

  3. She's so cute and so is her dress.

    She needs a LaLaLoopsie doll to go with her Hoochie doll.


  4. "I wanted to see what she would look like standing in her dress."

    What most of us take for granted, you treasure.


  5. She looks so adorable standing up in her dress! Thanks for posting the pictures:)