Friday, May 20, 2011

Sorry Mom

My Mom is going to kill me for this post, but I have to share. We have created, as good of a bubble of health around Aviana, as we can. We use all organic, unscented, soaps, shampoos, lotions, etc. She eats better, than anyone I know. We have hepa filters running all over this house, and water filters, too.  Due to her severe brain injury, Aviana needs this more, than your average child. Trust me when I say, I never did any of this before. I probably should have, but as the great Maya Angelou says, "when you know better, you do better!"

I used to burn candles every single day, and rarely ever do anymore. By the way, I miss it dearly. We have kindly asked those surrounding Aviana to avoid wearing any heavy scents.

We also politely ask everyone to take their shoes off, in order to eliminate dirt, and dust. Actually, that has always been the case, just another one of our little quirks.

In a long, round about way, what I am trying to say is, our dog breaks all the rules. After what happened to Aviana, and losing both Zoe, and Kama, we decided life is just too short. Rainey girl has lucked out, and abides by pretty much one rule only, and that is to not jump on anyone. Other than that, she has free reign. That freedom includes ~ lounging on any, and all couches, and also minimal access to Aviana's bed, especially when we all pile in to read her a book at night ;o). Our bed though, has always been a place for any dog, including all dogs we pet sit.

Again, I am sorry Mom, but it's just too cute.  I was putting Aviana's freshly washed sheets on, and one of Rainey's habits is never wanting us to make the bed. She causes all kinds of problems in the process, and it usually takes more than double the normal time.

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  1. Love it. That is the cutest thing and theres nothing like clean, fresh sheets to snuggle in