Monday, May 9, 2011

More About You Mondays

Oh my gosh! I was SO sick last week, and into the weekend. I felt like I got hit by a Mack Truck. I walked around like a zombie. I was so weak, and felt like I couldn't even carry Aviana around. Stupidly, I powered through all of her therapy anyway. As you all know better than me, doing that just made me worse.  Saturday, I didn't do one ounce of therapy, and Aviana, Rainey, and I laid in bed!!

I am finally feeling better, and am so grateful. Now I can take the time to apologize for my few 'woe is me' posts. I was feeling horrible, and had less than zero energy. I wanted to teleport myself to another time, and another place so badly. I guess I didn't handle being sick well, at all, this time ;o)

Anyway, what was my question last week?? Hold on one second...that ended up being more like 5 minutes. Wow! I really jammed my blog up with all those music videos. It took me forever to be able to scroll down to the question??!!

I think of my life as a fifty fifty ice cream bar. All of the ice cream on the inside is perfectly smooth and yummy. I had the best childhood. The best parents. The best college years. Found the best husband.

But, as I worked my way out, things began to melt. After a year of trying to figure out what was going on, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Pemphigus. Wikipedia that! YUM!! Thank God, that was put to rest after finding the right treatment. I sometimes forget what lies dormant though, and wonder??

After that, we all know...infertility, adoption, bonding, car accident, insane therapy.  No, I didn't plan for, or want any of these things, but you get what you get, and you don't throw a fit.  Okay, who am I kidding, I threw fits at some point, or another in all of these derailed endeavors!! But, I always picked myself up, dusted myself off, and carried on. What else can we do?

Sometimes, I feel like I want the world to stop when I am suffering. As we all know, the world has a way of moving forward, with or without us. Over the years, especially the latter, I have found this to actually be a blessing. The world actually pushes you forward. That is such a great thing, even when it doesn't feel so great sometimes. Sorry, I just got lost in my own thought process for a second.

These always have a way of helping too....

There's beauty in the breakdown!


Todays question ~ 

How did you hear of our story? 

How did you find our blog?


  1. I first heard about you via FB, back when I was on it and had about 200 friends. Someone of someone of someone I knew posted a link to your blog. Mom, Trina and I were constantly stalking your blog for any little word or update.

  2. I came across it via The Fisch Tank, which I have been reading for a while.
    You write so well (uplifting, entertaining but somehow human too) that I think I might have to start reading your Blog now as well.
    And of course anyone who features pictures of their dog (with cute kid) will always impress me!

  3. Two years ago, one of my dearest friends (and third cousin) surprised me when she came to visit me in Houston (we're from Colusa, north of Sac, and I went to CSU Chico too). That first night we stayed up laughing, talking, and finding old HS people/ex-boyfriends on FB (and laughing at them) :). She told me about your story and pulled up your blog (she found out from her SIL, Jen Hulbert Shimabukuro). I spent the days after she left reading every post, and just weeping over my laptop for all you'd been through, were going through, and the decisions you had to make. I read every post and think of you all so often. I send up many, many prayers w your names on 'em!

  4. My sister in law Jennifer Shimabukuro told us about your blog and the accident. I remember exactly where I was when I read your first post....and have been reading every post since that day. You are an amazing family and I think of you often. I am not usually a poster on blogs, but love to read them I am just a reader but always wonder who reads my blog so I thought I would post! Keep up the great are a very strong woman and family!! Aviana is lucky to have you!

  5. Because I have dealt with brian injury due to my own daughter's accident, people always direct me to others who are going through something similar. And so my sister directed me to your blog -- when was it? Just a few months after Avi's accident? And I can't remember all the words, but I probably wrote you a very long email describing our accident and the program we did on our daughter...and I believe that is how you first learned of the Institutes. So I thank my sister for leading me your way - I'm so glad to be your friend!

  6. I adopted my daughter from Taiwan and therefore read a lot of blogs of other parents adopting from Taiwan. I read a blog called Blessed With Sweet Peas, and she had a button on her blog to your blog. Once I read a little bit, I was hooked. I would say I made your blog a favorite within a day of reading it :-)

  7. I followed Lillyana's blog and she mentioned your family it ws right after the accident when you started blogging.

  8. I got to know Avi because she was in the same preschool class as my daughter, Emma. My mom taught their class. It's funny...we never assumed Avi was adopted. We were at Ikea when I got a text from my husband that Michael Jackson had died. Right after that, Mom got a call from a coworker, Netasha. We finished what we were doing, and went home to find and read the blog.

  9. A good friend sent me a link to your blog. She and I both work (or worked) with kids with disabilities. Also, you live near where my daughter works in Roseville, at least I think you live near there, which personalized your story even more. I made it a Favorite and it's one of my 3 "go to" places everyday. Your writing style and pictures just pulled me in and I consider you a friend I've never met.

  10. I am pretty sure it was you who wrote a letter or comment to a girl, Jenny, who had been in an accident. Your letter/comment was intriguing so I checked out your blog. Been hooked ever since and I think it was only a few months after Avi's accident. At least I think that's how I found you:) Deanna

  11. I found you when someone posted a link on the Guatemala adoption forum. Obviously your story struck me and has stayed with me daily. I am so glad that we got the chance to connect. :)

    I am also glad that you are feeling better!

  12. From my bestest friend Cameo. I can't even begin to explain how your honesty in your posts affects me some times Jen. The post with all of Aviana's therapy was amazing. Aviana is so loved!

  13. I clicked on your name after seeing a comment you left Cameo. I found Cameo through Kiss the Frog 4 Me, which I found from Jacob's caringbridge site. I actually just found it in the last couple of weeks and have went back and started reading from the very beginning. I admire your strength and determination and honesty. You've inspried me to work harder with my son who has an expressive language disorder (I know doesn't come close to the scale of what you are dealing with, but has made me think if she can do all of that, I need to step up my game). So thank you for pushing me.

    Also, I feel like there is a reason I found you and maybe it was to tell you about Melanie Massey Physical Therapy and the IMOT therapy they do. I "met" Melanie through her nephew's caringbridge page. I don't know that it applies to Avi, but it's been in the back of my mind since I found your blog.


  14. YOU!!!! i met you THROUGH YOU!!!
    there we were two years ago (almost) standing in line (front of the line) to get in to see GARY ALLAN.......and up walks this couple....and the gal has to PEEEEEEE!!!! well she convinces them to let her inside and when she comes back (a lot more comfortably) and joins us in line...and it was YOU (& Dave)!!!!!...we talked about GFA and pictures and scrapbooking and then we talked about how excited we (paula & i) were cuz we were going to meet THE MAN HIMSELF!!! were so excited for us and you promised to hold our space at the front of the stage.........during the time we were waiting we talked bout everything. my dad's illness, and survival....we were instantly FRIENDS 4 LIFE!!!

    then there was the GFA NYE party at the HardRock in Vegas.....we spent the better part of the day there in line....passing the time swapping stories and enjoying some great libations (thank you dave!) and then you did THE ULTIMATE for me....we found out that we could bring cameras in to this one show - usually HardRock says no cameras! so i did not even bring my camera from made dave go back to your room and get your camera that you so graciously allowed me to use it for the whole show so that i could avoid feeling naked in front of Gary :)

    You are a strong and courageous woman. You and Dave are THE DYNAMITE DUO and your family AMAZING......the journey you are on is long and not easy...but you have the strength to travel it together ....

    <3 u guys! looking forward to seeing you again soon!

  15. I read a lot of blogs! It's fascinating to me to be able to "meet" people all over the world and learn about their lives. I honestly don't quite remember how I stumbled upon your blog. I'm pretty sure I saw a "button" on someone elses blog. I'm thinking it might have been through Heather ( who has adopted a daughter from Guatamala. Not sure though. Anyway...I love reading your posts. My brother and his family live up in your area so I feel like we have a bit of a connection. Silly right? I am inspired by your story. You are a GREAT mom. So strong and willing to do whatever it takes to maximize your daugther's potential. You should be so proud of your family!!

  16. I first heard about your blog through the Guatemala adoption forum. My daughter is 5 years old (adopted from Guatemala) and my husband and I have been married for 10 years. Your blog immediately touched my heart as it seems our lives have followed similar paths. I was relieved when I first read in your blog that I was not the only person to have bonding issues when my daughter first came home. I carried much hidden guilt about that for some time.

    I keep my whole family updated on Aviana's progress. Even though we've never met, I care deeply about you and your family.

  17. I found your blog from a button on the "mom nine times" blog I think. I read her blog only once but I have yours on my favorites and I've read the entire thing. I used to work as an RN in one of Canada's largest PICUs as well as time on the adolescent rehab unit in Canada's only pediatric focused rehabilitation hospital (no adult patients). A lot of your story was familiar clinically, but I was intrigued with beig closer to the emotional and family impact of these children and their struggles, which keeps me reading. I love reading every little thing Aviana learns or does over time. I also lost my own daughter to congenital heart disease (she died before being born) last fall so stories of deep loss and overcoming grief are helpful to me some days in my own grief journey :) -Heather aka Canada RN