Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kama Girl

Wow, was I wrong! Kama lost 12 pounds in 1 month and 5 days. I was so sad to see that.  They x-rayed her, and found that both her kidneys were over double the size they should be.  Because her kidneys are taking up so much room, her intestines are in a ball. They sent the x-rays to be reviewed by a radiologist.

On Friday she will have an ultrasound, and possibly a biopsy of her kidney.

I am terrified, but trying to not worry until I really have something to worry about.

Thank you so much for your comments, calls, and e-mails.

You all sure have a way of making us feel so loved :o)


  1. Well, that is not good. But in my non-professional head, maybe it's better than cancer, because kidneys can reduce in size??? I am going to go with that theory. If humans can live with less than 2 kidneys, dogs can too! Good luck, don't stress too much, and get some rest!

  2. Troy and I are thinking of you, Dave, Kama and Aviana!

  3. So sad to see this, but praying for all of you!!

  4. HOpe its soemthing that they can fix, hoping hoping hoping.

  5. Hi Jen,

    Have you switched dog food brands or made any other diet changes, lately, by any chance? Remember a few years back there were a number of animals with renal failure tied to bad lots of pet food? I suspect that the vet would have run through all of these scenarios.

    Of course, thinking of you and hoping for only the best.


  6. You guys are always in our prayers, but Kama is now, too. There are a lot of things that can cause swelling there. Hoping and praying that it is treatable. Give that sweet doggy a hug for me.

  7. awwww poor puppy. they will figure out the cause and fix her up right.

    you ALL are in my prayers....sending you lots of pvs and hugs!!!!

    <3 ~j

  8. So sorry Jen! I am praying for you and Kama.

  9. Jen:
    I checked on sweet Aviana today and was shocked to learn about Kama--as if you didn't have enough worries. I hope Kama is better soon.
    On the bright side, I was amazed at the progress Aviana is making. Your little one is probably not advancing as fast as you pray she will, but for someone like me who checks on you and her progress periodically, it's terrific. I can imagine all the tears, sweat, tears, patience, tears, prayers, and more tears that have gone into getting Aviana where she is today. Your U. Roger mentioned that you were all going to take a trip to further help in Aviana's recovery. Please, Jen, remember to take some time for yourself and your husband to enjoy sightseeing, dining and dancing, etc. You both are well overdue for some fun in your lives and must think and take care of each other. Thinking of you often with love, Barbara (Bunny's cuz)