Sunday, October 17, 2010

Avi Ink.

So right after the accident Jen and I started talking about getting tattoos of Aviana's name.  We were both obviously very distraught and felt helpless. We wanted to do something that showed our devotion to her.  There was then a lot of uncertainty as to whether Aviana was even going to make it or not, and I started thinking, "Do I really want a constant reminder tattooed of my daughter who passed away so tragically.  Would that make the healing process more difficult?"

As Aviana improved, and it was obvious she was going to live through this, I started considering getting the tattoo again.  I did want to give it a little time to make sure that I wanted to do it, being that it is so permanent and all.  As I watched Avi working so hard every day on her therapy it just made me so proud of how determined she is and how much of a fighter she is.  I feel bad for her that while all other children her age are having fun everyday, she has to do hours upon hours of therapy. It is relentless.  Even when Jen and I get a break, she doesn't. There is someone filling in to make sure she stays on schedule.

It's because of this that I feel honored to have my baby girl's name on me for the rest of my life.  It's not only because she is my daughter and I love her.  It's to show how incredibly proud I am of her.  It is a reminder to me of what true hard work and determination is.

So based on a recommendation from a friend of ours, I went to Jennifer at Leonardi Tattoo.  I went in for my consultation and gave her a vague description of what I wanted.  I had a general idea but I could not come up with exactly what it would look like.  I left the design up to her artistic expertise.  Jennifer did an amazing job on the design.  Right when I saw the sketch, I absolutely loved it.  She surpassed my expectation of what the tattoo would look like.

I now have etched in my skin forever the beautiful name of a wonderful girl who I am so proud to call my daughter.


P.S. Jen is now asking when I am getting Kama's name tattooed on me.

P.S.S.  Thank you to everyone showing support for my other girl Kama.


  1. Awesome and perfect! So excited to see Daddy post! :). Keeping your entire family in our daily thoughts and prayers...

  2. I haven't been online for a couple of days! The tatoo is awesome and what a reminder of the hardest worker you know!
    How exciting that Kama is eating!!!!! I have to say its a strange diet but who cares, yeah! I'm so excited for you. i had a dog that I felt like you feel with Kama, I think there's always one very very special dog and you might love the others but its never the same, it might be the age or just what you were goign thru and what they helped you thru at the time. Again just so so excited!

  3. Love, Love, Love it!! Avi is a special gift from God and such a little fighter. What better way to honor her!

  4. Wow, I love it! Thanks for showing it to us!

  5. that is an AWESOME TRIBUTE to a true fighter!!!
    and it looks VERY COOL too dave!

    ...yes, i agree with jen, when are you going to pay tribute to kama? :)

  6. LUH-UV it!!!!!

    luv the green touches


  7. Hi Dave! Love the tattoo. I've been meaning to get one...but I'm chicken. :)