Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chemo Kama

After a battery of tests, we found out yesterday that Kama has lymphoma. From what I now understand, if your baby is going to get cancer, this is the one to have.

After finding this out, I immediately took her down for her first Chemotherapy treatment.  So far, so good. They say the first one is the easiest though. I will be giving her medication everyday, she will go in for blood work, and a shot every week, and then we will discuss radiation later.

We pray that she continues to do well.

My eyes have been leaking like a broken faucet for days.  Dave tries his best to lighten the mood by calling her "Chemo Kama." We always feel the need to joke around in these horrible situations. I can honestly say laughter IS the best medicine. I seek out as much of it as possible, so good jokes, or stories are always welcomed =)

I'm sorry to be so short, I am still having a hard time talking about this.

Thank you again for your support. You all sure have a way of making a girl feel loved!


  1. I've been reading your blog for over a year but haven't commented yet. I'm always thrilled to see your reports of Aviana's progress. I also have a three year old daughter from Guatemala.

    I'm writing today because a few years ago I had a shar-pei who had mast cell cancer. Our case didn't have a good outcome but mast cell cancer is very, very aggressive cancer. We took him to Ohio State Veterinary Hospital for chemo. The hospital was amazing. I had never seen anything like it. We spoke with a veterinary oncologist and were given her contact information. We could call 24/7 if we had any problems or concerns. The treatment was excellent and it was a fraction of the cost of what we usually paid our local veterinarian (who is a wonderful vet but isn't an oncologist.) We went to Ohio State with no idea of what the cost would be. They did numerous tests and gave us several medications and the bill was $212. I'm not sure if finances are an issue for you. We would have paid anything to save our dog but we're not wealthy and it was a plus that the treatment there was relatively inexpensive. It's actually less if you will let them video your dogs treatment for teaching purposes. We didn't do that but I probably would if I had it to do over. They were also able to do something called a fine needle aspirate (I think that's the correct spelling) that was far less invasive than the biopsy he had at our local vets office. So if I could offer any advice it would be to find a college for veterinary oncologists and seek treatment there.

    I'm glad to hear that Kama doesn't have a agressive cancer. Your family (including Kama of course) is in my thoughts and prayers.


  2. AWWWW Jen! Your house is like "therapy central!" Hugs to you guys and especially to Kama! Hopefully Aviana can return the favor and help Kama through her rough time.

    I have a friend going through Chemo right now for breast cancer. She's trying to keep things light and humorous...I'll try to get some Chemo jokes from her and pass them along. =)

    Love you!


  3. Aww Kama. I feel for you. In the middle of all the madness this past summer, we had to deal with putting Hawkeye down. It was awful. They really are a part of the family, and it just breaks your heart when they're hurting. Praying that Kama does well with her treatment, and that it KO's the cancer!

  4. I'm so sorry Jen. I hope Kama responds well to treatment and will be back to her healthy self. Thinking of you all.

  5. awww no fair!!! i was hopin' & prayin' for some good news...but silver lining?! i have heard that lymphoma IS the one to get if they are gonna get one.....

    my pup had cancer too, we think it started in her front leg (where she had a steel plate and 9 screws .....long story!!!) and eventually spread to her lungs... we opted not to do the chemo & radiation because the docs could not offer us good odds on curing her with it (they said best case scenario for her was 3-6 months with or without treatment). instead we went with quality of life over quantity and had the leg with the cancer removed and took her home to love her..................

    well as it turns out a week after the surgery she was hopping around good as new, you'd never have guessed she was as sick as they said she was.....she even earned herself a new name: TRIPOD!!!!

    not saying that this is the choice that anyone/everyone should make - but for us it worked and instead of 3 months, we had THREE MORE YEARS with her before the cancer finally showed up again in her lungs and we had to put her down.

    sending lots of hugs & loves to you and dave and avi and ESPECIALLY to kama girl!!!!!

    <3 ~j

  6. Oh no! Well, glad to hear that she is responding well!

    "Don't worry about a thing
    cause every little thing
    gonna be all right!" Bob Marley

  7. Judianne, what a lovely story about Tripod! Thanks for sharing! =)

    Jen's cuz,

  8. Chemo Kama, She's our Gal!
    She can do it, she's our pal.

    The Hodder family keeps takin' hits
    And it sometimes feels like life it the pits.

    But keep faith, hope and love,
    Cause I belive she'll have a decade more of puppy love!

  9. Can I just give you a SERIOUSLY GOD SERIOUSLY! And a THAT IS JUST NOT FAIR. Ok now that I got that off my chest. I am so very sorry Jen. I will continue to pray for Kama girl. We love you guys and wrap all four of you in a big giant hugs.

  10. nothing really to say, it just sucks, but glad to hear thats the best of the cancers. Thinking of you as always.

  11. I'm so sorry she's sick, but am also so hopeful that she'll have a very good outcome. She (and all of you) are surrounded by love and prayers.

    I know you're in the spot that has wonderful animal care so I hope all those good docs fix her up!!

    Dixie in CA