Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I am flat out jaded right now.

I can't help but feel the following to be true:

2. 5 is way too young for such a tragic event for Aviana.

13 is a little better, but still fairly young for a cat to die.

And almost 8 (November 16, 2002), but still technically 7 is WAY TOO YOUNG FOR A DOG!!

I have had enough, thank you!!!!

Couldn't you please have left Kama alone??????!!!!????????


  1. there's no escaping it....your family has endured more than it's fair share of tragedies in the past two years......

    loving you all! ~j

    (ps i am soooooo excited! i shared your 'button' on my page AND IT WORKED!!!!)

  2. We are your "virtual" stress ball sweetie!!! Just keep squeezing and punching the thing. Come on give it your best shot!!

    And by the way....i think you have had enough too!!!!!

  3. Shedding tears for you. Enough is enough! I wish I could give you a great big hug! I hate to hear of your pain. Sending you my love and prayers my friend!