Sunday, July 26, 2009

You Amaze Us!

Please bear with me as I am typing this note from my phone! While my intention was only to show the shear magnitude of bills accumulated in one single day, we are shocked and amazed at the outpouring of love and support from many!

There are so many unknowns at this point and time. We are being forced to just simply go with the flow and hope all turns out OK financially, but most importantly with Aviana. As you well know by now, I am not great at "going with the flow," but am getting better with each passing minute. At this point and time, we are unsure what will happen with the driver's insurance. We do however have medical insurance which is taking care of most of this.

I have not had one free moment to tell all of you, we are excited to let you know, Aviana should be coming home this week. She is not yet at the point where she would benefit from rehab, but soon will be stable enough to be released from the hospital. That being said, we are finding there are a number of needed home medical devices which are NOT covered by insurance. We will be purchasing all of these devices this coming week.

A few weeks ago my aunt had received inquiries about an account. At that time my dad set one up. For all who may be interested, the account is at Wells Fargo Bank and is called "Aviana Hodder Special Fund" They said anyone can go into any of their banks and refer exactly to that account in order to make a donation. You can also refer to the account number:


We have felt a little uneasy about providing the account information due to all of the unknowns. This is the main reason why we have not given this information on the blog as of yet.

Please know how much we appreciate all of you! We are amazed on a daily basis by all of your support.


  1. WOO HOO!!! that is wonderful news. There is not better place for rehab than being at home. I am so happy to hear about her going home. God will help you and bless you even with your financial concerns. There are so many of us following Avi's recovery that if we all just sent an email to a friend or too, with the account information and they passed it on and so on and so on, hopefully it will help. Cant wait to hear her progress from home. Still cheering and praying from the sideline...your new friend.

  2. It is so terrific that you will all be together again. She will feel much better at home and recover more quickly. I just sent a check to your account, thank you for giving us the details so we can help a little bit.

  3. Jennifer and David, I am so happy that Aviana will be coming home. She will do so much better in your loving care and being surrounded by so much that is familiar and comfortable to her. I know this is a lot more work for you. I hope she will not only do well, but thrive in the coming months.

    Aviana has given all of us so much in the past months. She has made us aware of so many wonderful and caring people through your blog, at the hospitals and in our own personal lives; she has made us aware of what wonderful and strong people you and Dave are; she has made us aware that heroic people like Sgt. Merenda and his buddy exist; she has made us all more sensitive to the true priorities in our own lives; Aviana has brought our family (and many other families) closer than we have ever been; she has made many of us aware of the contrast between the sometimes pessimism of the medical profession/“truths” of human physiology and the wonderful strength of hope and the “inconquerability” of the human spirit and condition (whether in the patient or the caregivers)…we remember so many wonderful stories about those given up on by the medical profession that have proven the doubtful completely wrong by living and thriving; Aviana has given many of us a renewed relationship to God and prayer; she has given us the ability to leave our own often selfish interest and narcissistic concern to focus on someone else that is so much more in need; through our deep caring for this wonderful baby, Aviana has given many of us the “daughter” we have never had or the additional child we have always wanted…and Aviana has given us so much more.

    Now its Aviana’s turn! Our love for her will hopefully support her through the difficult times ahead. I am confident we all will live up to the standards this wonderful little girl has set for us. I am looking forward to experiencing Aviana’s progress.

  4. That's awesome that she'll be coming home soon! There really is no better place to heal than home with her mommy and daddy. I know that it can be awkward to be in a place where donations would help. For those of us out here reading the blog, we can't heal her physically. What we can do is provide emotional and even a little financial support to help. Just know that we don't feel like we have to, we WANT to. :)

  5. Wonderful news that she can come home soon! You haven't mentioned much about her movements and eye contact. Is she alert? I would only assume since they are letting her go home.

    BLessings and always continued prayers for you, your family, and your precious daughter. What fighters you all are.

    I made a trip to Costco today to buy some goodies for our camping trip and I totally thought of you and Aviana (even though I have never met you - you are in my thoughts).

  6. Erin Callahan-BurdineJuly 26, 2009 at 5:43 PM

    Dave and Jen,
    My name is Erin. I am Heather's sister (Heather is Aviana's Aunt Cortney's best friend). I have been following your journey and am so grateful that you created this blog. I would have gone crazy getting bits and pieces about this child who I now love as well.
    What wonderful news! We've had friends and family praying in Ohio, Alaska, Colorado and California, even Germany. Now that you have provided the account information, we can help you and Aviana in another way. Thank you. Thank you for letting us all in, allowing us to be a part of your lives and opening up a huge amount of love and caring in our hearts. We will send what we are able to and continue to keep all of you in our prayers.
    I hope to meet you all one day and watch your precious girl run and play.

  7. Dave and Jen,

    I am so glad you are sharing this with us. I have never met you, but have been following this blog from nearly it's start, and am so happy to hear that Aviana is cominng home; I can only imagine how much you all need---focusing on Aviana and her health is word one for you all.

    I am praying and supportive.

    warmest regards,


  8. Totally an awesome and such an amazing journey. What a truly beautiful child blessed by God. So incredibly grateful that I am literally sitting here crying with happiness for all of you.

  9. Dave & Jen;
    Whay joyous news that is that your precious is finally coming home! I think being at home will also help her to heal that much faster being in her own inviroment (sry for the spelling lol) but i'm sure you know what i'm saying. Dave you know i'm not a church going person but i do believe in GOD and every sunday since this happened to Aviana i watch Joel Olsten on tv at work and pray for your precious little one to get better. And I will continue to do this for the rest of time, well my time anyways.
    You guys are in our hearts and thoughts constantly everyday.

    Becci & Angela

  10. I am so utterly delighted to hear your wonderful news that your little girl is coming home.

    I'm in the UK and hope I can also send a little something with those bank details you gave. (The way I see it, all we followers here on your blog would only do some daft thing like send a cuddly toy to Aviana if we could, and then you'd have plushies piled to the ceiling in no time!

    This is just the sensible alternative gift to send Avi our best wishes.)

  11. WOW! You'll have quite a handful when she comes home! Continued prayers for continued improvements! And prayers to you two, as you prepare for Avi's homecoming!!