Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Aviana has jumped over SO many hurdles in the past 36 days. We have seen her overcome more obstacles in the past 5 weeks than we have in our entire lives. She hops over them like a pro.

Wikipedia states,” There is a technique that is desirable to accomplish smooth hurdling action during a race. Many runners rely mainly on raw speed, but proper technique and well-planned steps leading up to and between each hurdle can allow an efficient hurdler to outrun faster opponents.” I truly believe that deep down, Aviana is a well trained hurdler.

She has maintained steady progress throughout this entire process. She carefully plans her next step. She knows she needs to heal in order to accomplish her next goal. If she just raced right through, she would be in danger of some huge setbacks.

Today was a wonderful day! This morning, Marc came in and removed the ventilator and bite block! Right off the bat, she did amazingly well. They did provide her with a cool mist mask. Within hours the doctor came back in and requested the mask be taken off so he could observe how she would react. He watched for about 3 minutes and then said she was good to go and no longer needed it. We could not believe it; our beautiful baby girl’s face was free of all tubes and tape. It brought happy tears to my eyes!!

Aviana was, of course, agitated by the new change, but I kept whispering to her, “This is all for the best baby.” She could now actually make some noise. She put out a hoarse little cry. I cannot begin to imagine how sore of a throat she must have. Poor little one. This type of thing is so much easier to take when you know you are moving in the right direction. Aviana has also had a temperature for a number of days and today it disappeared.

Every bit of today was a blessing. Her little body has come so far in such a short period of time. She has shown everyone how much of a fighter she is and will continue to be. She is an inspiration in every sense of the word. She is carefully leaping over new hurdles daily.

As I stand cheering from the sidelines, I think to myself, “I could not be any more proud of her!”


  1. Oh Jen..I am so happy for you all!! I read each day how she is doing or hear from Richard, and it just makes me so happy to hear of how much of a fighter she is. And as a mother, myself, I can only imagine how important it was today to just see her face, without all of the tubes. You have your little girl back to see. And yes, I'm sure her little throat is going to need healing because the tubes were is for so long, it takes adults some time.

    I also wanted you to know that you are a wonderful writer, and maybe you should think of writing a little book of your story, as you have been so good at expressing what so many parents are going thru out there with children with so many health problems, it is inspirational, to say the least. Take care and bless your hearts!!

  2. Alright Avi! I knew you could do it all on your own. When you're feeling well enough, you've got a big hug and kiss coming from your buddy, Emma.

  3. Isn't it amazing how resilient little bodies are? She is going to completely heal and amaze everyone!
    She knows that she has a Mommy and Daddy that love her beyond comprehension and for that reason she is fighting!

  4. Jen,

    Although I too, am proud of Aviana, it is your strength, your willingness to put yourself out there in this blog, to open up your heart and share your pain, your tears, your triumphs, and your deep, profound love for your daughter that has me in awe. I feel incredibly blessed to call you my friend.

    You know my passion is inspirational writing and when I read your blog, I am drawn in by your written word, to the journey that you are taking us all on, and I cannot help but feel this story will have a happy ending. I am sure a book was the last thing on your mind when you started this blog but I think that this is the kind of story that brings people together, uniting us in such a way that makes us all strive to be a more compassionate, loving person. As you have said, everything happens for a reason and maybe one of the things that has come out of it is the illumination of your gift of inspiration. I thank you and I thank Aviana for that. It is very apparent how deeply loved you both are, as well as that wonderful husband and father Dave :)

    We love you Aviana, Jen and Dave!!!

    Christie, Dave and Dylan

  5. such good news !! So many are here, and with Aviana, your family and loved ones daily, cheering each of you on and praying for ongoing strength, healing and God's grace.

    She is so fortunate to have your love, and I know you feel the same way---your precious hurdler :)

  6. Keep up the good work Aviana-your Mommy is not your only cheerleader!!!!You go girl!

  7. She's the little engine that could --- and CAN! praying for Aviana and your family. God is in control!

  8. Jenn & Dave,

    You needed Aviana to jump a hurdle to off-set the emotional roller coaster Jenn rode yesterday with the soap.

    I've never met you, but Aviana seems to have learned that fighting spirit from her environment! The old nature vs. nurture argument brings me back to the side of nurture! You have nurtured the fighting spirit in your daughter! You have taught her to work hard!

    Again, may God surround you with His love and comfort. May the Lord guide Aviana's medical team and continue to stoke that hurdler's desire to heal.

    Tina B.

  9. Woo hoo!! Still cheering and praying on the sidelines. Sounds like great news. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Can't wait for more good news. - Your new friend.

  10. Way to go Aviana! Keep hurdling sweet girl! Although I'm sure it was painfrul for her to let out a little cry, I'm sure it was yet another step in the right direction. May our Heavenly Father continue to watch over her and her miraculous recovery!