Thursday, July 9, 2009


Music is my life. My life is music. Plain and simple. Whether I have been listening to a song for one month, one year, one decade or all of my life, it is as though I am hearing these all too familiar songs for the very first time.

It seems that EVERY song is about Aviana. I told my brother I used to listen to music and only hear it from the perspective of a relationship. He nodded and said "it's all about LOSS in general" That it is....a loss of any kind!! Light bulb moment. I have never in my life listened to music (or muuskic as Aviana says)and been reduced to a pile of tears and tissue!

My absolute love of music prevails though. At first, I could not listen at all, but that did not last long. Many times though, I have just wanted to turn it off, but I push on through as I cannot shut down an ongoing therapy session!


  1. i understand exactly what you are saying and how you're feeling. i think it's good that you dont shut it off. it's good for you to cry and express your feeling. you are going through alot right now, and you shouldn't hold it all in. be strong and know everybody is pulling and praying for aviana everyday.

  2. I relate to that; i learned it when I was going through infertility and suffering miscarriages---I felt so naked at times. Continuing to pray, glad you are finding therapy in the music, and just sending support to you and your sweet Aviana. Listen to the muuskic :)

  3. I hear you! The other day I was on my way to work, listening to my regular Classic Rock station (for those of us who are stuck in the 80's) and just about every song made me think of Aviana (or at least a line or two in every song). I cried. Not a great thing to do at 70-ish mph.

    This morning I woke to the theme from Jurassic Park (I drive to Classic Rock, but wake to Classical). It made me cry, too. Thinking back to one of the opening scenes of the movie with all of the majestic dinosaurs roaming the island, it made me feel triumphant. Aviana will triumph over this! Keep the faith!!


  4. Praying that tomorrow goes as planned and the surgery goes well!


  5. Praying that all goes well tomorrow. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you, your family, and our sweet Aviana!

    Love you,
    Amy and Freddy