Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sleepy Beauty

The doctors said Aviana had a wonderful night and they were so happy with all of her numbers. They said they were watching for any fluid that may collect back in her head. She did not have any and they were more than pleased.

Today our little sweetie was showing signs of just going through a horrendous surgery. She was very swollen which affected her ability to open her eyes well. She was also very tired. I say, rightfully so little one. I just imagine when I am extremely tired or very sick and think to tell Dave something. I keep it in my head for the next day (and always forget) because I cannot utter the words and certainly don't want to move in any way. I can't even begin to imagine what she must be feeling and I certainly understand why she does not want to move or communicate too much.

We did however see her kick, kick, kick her legs when the nurse sucked her mouth out. She cannot stand that. It was very nice to see. My friend Amy got to see that for the first time and was ecstatic. Most of the time today was spent watching her sleep. Once she woke though, we jumped at the chance to read her two of her very favorite books...Frog and Toad and I Love You Like Crazy Cakes. It felt so good to read to her. For all of you who don't know her personally, books are her FAVORITE thing in the world. She will choose a book over a toy ANY day of the week.

Today was my BEST day by far. I woke up, realized I STILL had a headache and did a third Imitrex shot. My headache subsided for the most part and I was running around cleaning the house and getting ready. I actually felt the urge to put make up on today....AMAZING!! I felt so incredibly upbeat, as if I had a pep in my step : )

We had a nice visit with Aviana and many of my wonderful family and friends. My friend Amy brought the most beautifully fitting little gifts for Aviana... a nice necklace and another keepsake which I will post a picture of below. I have been avoiding all things except the hospital and home. My hair is in desperate need of color. I thought I had a lot of grey before, holy is out of control now. We stopped to buy some dye at the mall and actually went on a mini shopping trip. It amazed me how good that felt. I guess there is something to be said about retail therapy. We even picked up some P.F. Changs and Dave had the most amazing fortune!! I will post it below.

My brother also came over today and took Kama for a much needed trip to the park with her brother Zander. It was so nice to come home and see her happy too. If she is happy, I am happy!! We were also greeted with a nice fresh dinner in the fridge courtesy of my friend Summer. She also left a Mickey Mouse card which said "Hope you'll be feeling better soon.... from your ears down to your toes!"

We were sitting outside shortly after coming home and it started raining. For all who don't know me.... I LOVE the rain more than anything. The instant it started, the first thing that came to mind was when Aviana would say "Mommy....raining" with a huge smile on her face. I am a neurotic windshield washer user. Every time I washed the windshield, Aviana would excitedly yell, "Mommy....raining." I sure miss those special little moments with her!!

I accidentally pushed publish....oops....I am not done yet!! I still have to post some pictures and haven't taken them yet. I will post them as soon as possible.

I wanted to thank each and every single person who reads this blog. All of you mean the world to us! It lifts my heart on a daily basis to know how many good, caring people are out there!


  1. Those Imitrex injections are the pits. Either they work or they just plain don't...I never knew which it would be when I got out the pack. Glad you're finally feeling a little more normal. I know you've hand more than enough stress to cause those migraines.

    Hopefully Avianna is a feeling a little better next week and we can stop by. We have a little something for Avi, and for you and Dave. :)

  2. Great news! Those kicks of anger are wonderful to see. I remember be so happy to see my son 'acting out' when he was in the hospital. After not seeing anything, that is wonderful!!!

    Hang in there.

  3. Continuing to pray for your family...

    You are courageous, faithful, and your family is a testament to what "family" luv really means.

    A testament to the TRUE LOVE that parents have for their children...regardless of how they came to be yours.

    Hang On Tight,

  4. Hi there. My name is Gina, and I heard about brave little Aviana from our neighbors Kristina and Chuck, as well as Lori and John. I am so impressed with how you are holding up, and so happy to see that Aviana is making progress. My sons Casey has spent months in the PICU at UCD, and we are very well aware of how the PICU experience works. And, I actually had brain surgery at UCD this year, so Aviana and I might have the same surgeon! PLEASE let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

  5. So happy to see that you are feeling better and that things are going well and what a great fortune!! Here's to the start of a great week for Aviana to begin her recovery. We are all wishing nothing but THE BEST for all of you from here in Louisiana!

  6. So happy that she is making such great strides! Your family has been in my thoughts and prayers. We also adopted from Guatemala and our daughter is 3. Good luck to you all and I know things are going to be fine in no time!

  7. Jen & Dave;
    Again I am so happy for you and Aviana! We are so, so, very happy she is doing so well. It looks like nothing but good times are ahead for her and for the two of you. What a blessing. Jen in case you don't remember me I am Rob's mom. I think I've only seen you 2 or 3 times but I have known David since before time. Just want you to know our thoughts and prayers are with you daily. Mike said he'd be calling Dave soon.
    Love to you guys,
    Becci & Angela

  8. Jen, you sound so good today :) that is very blessed. I am sure Aviana is just trying to heal---it's amazing how hard to body works to heal, and yes, I can only imagine how hard she is fighting---rest is surely much needed.

    The rain, yes, and your lil rituals with her. Since I have been following your blog, I have treasured the little rituals more at home---how easy it is to forget their blessing.

    Continual prayer and support----tons of it; daily, hourly, whatever you need.

    You and Dave and your family and friends are doing so well---we'll keep uplifting sweet Aviana until she can uplift herself again :)

    Peace & Healing :)

  9. Please give the little kicking spitfire a hug from me, a lady she will never meet, but who thinks of her every day in London. ♥

  10. Like Sharon I think of your daughter every day and she is on my prayer list every night. I share her story and the fact that she is healing with others. God bless you and your whole family. V's Grama

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  12. What I meant to say was..that is so wonderful that Aviana is recovering from the surgery. On a more shallow note, I LOVE that she chooses books over toys. Please keep reading to her. We are praying for you!

  13. Reading your blog post tonight was the best way to end the day, it made me smile. I can feel your happiness and hope today, so happy for a good day for your family. I hope you can feel the prayers and thoughts coming your way daily...

    Good Night Moon....

    -Liz Golla

  14. i am so happy to hear all of the good news. i knew aviana was a fighter. she is definetly a blessed little girl to have a mother and father like the two of you. i wish you all the best in your journey to recovery. i'll be praying for you.

  15. I am so glad things are looking up for all of you. It is great to hear a happy story-Keep it coming!!!