Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Miss My Munchkin!

A SMALL list of things I miss MOST about Aviana:

* Every time we would drive on an on/off ramp or by the park she would yell WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

* I miss her beautiful eyes and her long, long lashes.

* I miss the way she looked when she first woke up.

* I miss the way she would hold my face with both of her little hands, look deep into my soul and then give me a kiss.

* I miss when she would give Kama and Zoe a goodnight kiss.

* I miss how excited she was when Dave got home. Aviana would fight Kama down the hall to get there first and scream "Daddy's here" all along the way.

* I miss how when we were grocery shopping, if we went down a cold isle she would wrap her arms around me and squeeze tight. She would say "Mommmmyyyyy, ccccoooolllldd" She would also do that if she just wanted to be close while in the cart.

* I miss the way she was left handed and how she held her fork.

* I miss her love of shoes and how she would sometimes go in her room and line them all up perfectly.

* I miss how when I asked her "Who's Mommy's baby?" She would pat herself on the chest with a huge smile on her face and say "ME"

* I miss watching her and Kama chase each other all over the house. They would get crazy and Aviana would be screaming and giggling out of control.

* I miss how she would attach to someone so quickly. Sometimes frustrating at the time though, because when anyone came to the house or if we went to a party. Dave and I became chopped liver and she felt she did not need to listen to us at all.

* I miss her little independent nature (one of our VERY favorite things about her) She always wanted to do and learn everything herself. I loved watching her put on her clothes. While doing so she would look at me, show me the tag and say "Mommy, tag-back."

* I miss when she would say "Mommy, go Costco, have Snapples." (samples)

* In the last month she started whispering to herself in the car seat and in her bed. I would turn the radio down and eavesdrop or watch/listen to her on the monitor. All very cute conversations, but one of my favorite was this: Avi, went gym, go store, bananas. Go Tahoe, see Grandpa and Snoozer, (we were going to Tahoe that weekend) go down slide, eat lunch.....have (thinking, thinking...LONG pause).....chicken nuggets. It was so cute, as though she was going through the entire catalog of what she eats for lunch!!

* I miss how when I would do anything that she thought was remotely dangerous, she would say "Mommy, beeee careful!!"

* I miss how polite she was, anytime my Mom, Gary, Dave or I would give her something she would say "Thank you Nana." (or Papa, Dada or Mama) * If I asked her to do something she did not want to do (like get ready for bed, put her toys away) she would say "No thank you, Mama." I couldn't help but laugh, but would then tell her it just doesn't quite work that way : )

* If any of us were taking a shower and she wasn't, she would listen for the water to turn off and would come running from wherever she was to hand us our towel as we were getting out.

* Many times when Dave would be driving she would say "Daddy, sit down....Mommy drive."

* When I would point to ranch dressing and ask her what it was she would say "Snow White??" Like I said...just a few of my favorite things!!


  1. Jen,
    Those are great memories and don't ever lose sight of them, for they are so precious.

    Prayers for you and Dave and especially Avi!
    Becci & Angela

  2. Before you know it, you will enjoy all those things with Aviana once again. And then begin new ones at that.

  3. Too cute! But I'm wondering...what did you do that was "remotely" dangerous? ;-)

  4. Such sweet Memories to help you through this time...Oh but there are so many new ones yet to come..just as will see...let those memories keep you strong...prayers continue.

  5. so many very cute, intimate, special little and big things that loving someone so much brings out in us. I loved reading this. Loved it...your incredible love for her is so evident. Praying and supporting you and your family. She is an absolute doll :)

  6. those are all beautiful, wonderful memories with aviana. i dont know aviana very well. but i feel now that she is a part of my life. i can imagine in my head aviana doing all those things you miss about her. i go on and check your blog about every hour to see if there is any more news about aviana. be stong and know everybody is pulling for her. i continue to pray for her everyday.

  7. Checking your blog lots for updates. Thanks for sharing the pics of "your world" right now. Can't wait to hear more news about your beautiful baby girl. Praying and hoping she is going to get better. I love all the little things you listed that so many people don't notice. Those things that people take for granted. Obviously you don't and didn't. I can't wait for the day for Aviana to start doing any of those things with you guys again. Big hugs!

  8. Praying your litle princess will be home soon making plenty more memories!! HUGS!

  9. Wow-that brought tears to my eyes. I remember sitting in the hospital with Collin not knowing if he would ever come home-he did and Aviana will too. That was the most hopeless feeling in the world

  10. I know there are many many more memories to be made :-) HUGS, Rhonda

  11. Hi Jen, We just heard about what happened on Tuesday at the gym. I am so sorry I did not hear sooner. I have tried numerous times to leave comments, but have had difficulty and did not have a way to get you email address. I can't express how deeply saddened I am to hear about this tragedy. My heart aches for you and your family. My eyes swell with tears when I think about sweet little Avaiana. When I think of her I see her marching into the gym with you, tiny and cute, ready for her rumble with the boys in the playroom. I am in boston for three weeks, or else I would drive to Davis to visit. My prayers are with you all. Laura from the gym. PS Barbara called Miss Judy to let her know as well.

  12. More prayers from St. Louis. Please know that the Guat Moms here are thinking of you all knowing that you are in God's hands through this all.
    Flora (11.05)

  13. You don't know me but I just wanted to send some love and prayers your way. I was laughing reading about all of these cute things your little Avianna does.
    I am praying that God will hold you and her through this difficult time.
    Jill (fellow Guat Mama)