Thursday, July 9, 2009


We are finally at a point where we have some sort of certainty about something (well kind of, pending no other emergency surgeries which would require Aviana's to be postponed.) Aviana's appointment to have her bone flaps replaced is currently set for first thing tomorrow morning!

Yes, the million dollar answer was finally also given today, they did round up her bone from Sutter and have it safe and sound at U.C. Davis. Today was a great day! My Mom, Gary and I went to visit and her nurse had nothing but positive, optimistic things to say. He said he has seen such good movement from her, even purposeful!! He said when he was changing her diaper, she was kicking her she was having a tantrum. He demonstrated her movement for us and I have to say... a tantrum has never looked so good : ) We were able to see her move in this fashion, not to the magnitude he described, but beautiful all the same!

My mom brought her lotion which she would use on a regular basis to slather Aviana in. I am so serious when I say Aviana would come home from her house smelling of my mom until her next shower. Dave and I always loved that smell. It was obvious by Aviana's reaction today that she loved it just the same. We held our lotion soaked hands to her face and she was not just smelling it, but moving her lips in a way that said she not only wanted to smell it, but eat it as well : ) She was moving her legs and feet in total delight.

I am going to keep this short as we need to be down at U.C. Davis at 7am. We are going to try to go to bed now so we are fresh and ready for what we hope will be a very successful day.

Please keep everything crossed tomorrow or as my friend Sarah would say, "in perfect pretzel fashion." I promise to update you as soon as humanly possible!


  1. How wonderful Jen!! I am so happy for the good news!! Richard dropped by this afternoon after work, and as always, his mind is on Aviana and updated us what he knew, and still talked about when he saw her. He honestly felt in his heart she had got the strength in her to fight to pull thru this. He has seen in from the day of the accident. So, we all have huge amount of hope for a full recovery!!
    Praying for you always,

  2. Oh this is such great news !! You have waited so very long for this day, for the procedure tomorrow and for the results that we all pray will follow.
    What lovely news about Aviana's movements, about her being drawn to your mom's lotion smell, to the point of wanting a bit to taste :)

    Yes, everything will be crossed, prayers will be said, you will all be in our thoughts and prayers tomorrow. warmth and support :) huge huge support !!

  3. That is so wonderful! I'll have my fingers cross and hands folded in prayer - however that'll work. :)


  4. Dearest Jennifer,
    This news brings a BIG smile to our faces, and GREAT joy to our hearts. God has put a determination in your little soldier-ette ... a determination to get home to her family, her friends, her toys and, of course, her poochie!! We continue to pray for each of you, knowing that God hears, and answers prayer ...

    The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise him. Psalm 28:7 KJV

    All our love to each of you ...

    Bob, Marcia & Ron Cava

  5. It's amazing that we are all seeing a miracle unfold in front of our eyes. I am so happy for your family.

  6. Thats so awesome! Hope the surgery goes perfect and that she keeps improving, with the magic lotion.

  7. i am so happy to hear all the great news. i truely believe miracles are gonna start happening for aviana and your family. i just want you to know that i think you are an amazing and strong woman. i can't even imagine how hard this has been on you, and yet you have always tried to keep a positive out look on things. GOD has probably never heard so many prayers just for one person. keep believing jen and dave and everything will work out the way it is suppose to.

  8. This is wonderful news!!! We are praying for all of you (the doctors included). Hold on to each special milestone because they are blessings from God.

  9. I'll be thinking of you all today. Great news.

  10. Hi Jen,

    I came across your blog via Heather's blog and have been following it for a couple of weeks now.

    First, let me say how sorry I am that this has happened to your little girl. looks like she is doing so great now! I am so happy for you and your family. I hope the surgery goes great today. Please keep us posted.

    God bless,

    Jenn in CA

  11. I am a friend of Jan Pinna's and she contacted me from Europe about Gary & Aviana's accident. I have been following your ordeal ever since. I have you all in my prayers and keeping ONLY good thoughts that you will have your daughter back in total very soon!

  12. Wow, this sounds so good. Praying for Aviana today and can't wait to hear more news. Good thoughts and prayers headed your way.

  13. Praying Praying Pray everything in pretzel perfect fashion :)

  14. I work for the insurance agency that handles David's companys insurance and I have been following your blog since it started. You are such an inspiration and an incredible person with so much strength and determination. I have been praying with my son (who is 3) everynight about Aviana and my little boy reminds me just before bedtime not to forget to pray for Aviana get better.
    I hope everything goes well today. Trevor and I will be praying for Aviana and your family today and everyday till she comes home.
    Karla Jackson (Parisi Insurance)

  15. I just read this and we are praying that all is well and that her surgery went great. We are ALL praying for you and hoping for the best. Cannot wait for a good update!

  16. Jen and Dave;
    I am so glad to hear Aviana is doing so much better. We'll keep praying for her. And I hope everything went well today. You are constantly in my thoughts.