Friday, July 31, 2009


When you adopt from Guatemala, you belong to an entire community of people who have also adopted. This community is amazing and comes together for various reasons. My dear friends Sarah & Peter came to visit Aviana the other night. They brought the most beautiful scrapbook as a gift.

Sarah invited many people to make one scrapbook page and send it to her. She then assembled the book and gave it to us. It was the most perfect gift and I will cherish it until the end of time. I cannot wait for the day when I can share this keepsake with Aviana!

Thank you to everyone who helped create this wonderful book!!


  1. friends are the glue that holds life together, arent's they? I'm a guat mom too.

  2. Sarah is a dear friend. Glad you love the book! We've been praying for your family ever since. . .Tiffanie

  3. What a beautiful way to send thoughts & prayers to Aviana, Jen, & Dave.

    May the Lord continue to bring you patience and little Aviana slowly moves down the road to recovery. May He bless you and continue to surround you with His love.

    Tina B.