Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Today is my mom's birthday and while she has repeatedly said, "There's no reason to celebrate." and "It's just another day," I cannot and will not accept this!" I will celebrate my mom's birthday all day long as today is her day.

When I think of my mom so many wonderful things come to mind. I have always said....I had the best childhood ever. I am not sure there are too many people who can say this with such conviction. My mom is the most loving, caring, sweet mom a girl could have. I hold so many amazing memories to reflect back upon.

For years we have been as close as close can be. I look up to my mom in so many ways. I admire the person she is and most of all; I admire her as a parent. I feel she possesses all of the characteristics of the “perfect mom.” I feel blessed beyond belief to have been so lucky to have her. To me, she is warm, loving, considerate, compassionate and so much more. She is the kind who if I say, "I like your necklace," she will take it off immediately and give it to me!

Once Aviana came along, I had a whole new appreciation for the parent she is. She is the definition of the most “perfect grandparent” as well. She loves Aviana to the ends of the earth. I love watching them together. They are two peas in a pod. They have the same personality, same interests and share a bond like no other. What is funny is they are the spitting image of each other, too!

Mom, we all love you so very much and I want nothing more than for you to know how deeply you are loved. I know the circumstances are not ideal, but please enjoy your birthday as you deserve every bit of a wonderful day today!!

Sorry to make you cry mom, but these pictures are just too precious! The last picture is of Aviana waiting for her Nana & Papa! She loved being with them more than anything in the world!


  1. OOOh, what sweet pictures. Avi is blessed to have such a wonderful grandmother!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Nana!!!

    With much love and beijos,

    Christie, Dave and Dylan

  3. AWWW...Happy Happy Birthday to Avi's Nana! What a Beautiful Lady! Hope her day is wonderful.

  4. Your mama is beautiful. Your aviana is beautiful too. Happy Birthday to Aviana's grandmama. and continued prayers for aviana and her family.

  5. Happy Birthday, Brenda!! We love you!!

    Janet & Jeff