Friday, June 3, 2011

Why I Write

Toni Morrison was on Oprah recently. This was the show they wrote me back to be on. I watched intently, and realized they sure know what they are doing in their selection process :o) While I thought my letter was well written, and answered, in depth, what they were asking, they definitely made the right choices.

That day, as I listened carefully, part of the conversation with Toni Morrison was what captivated me most. For me, and my life today, I can fully grasp this.


Oprah: Is there a best lesson, or a favorite lesson when you're 80?

Toni: Yeah, it's one that I can articulate now, and I think I sort of knew it all along. I know that what is alive for me, and I have a place that is mine, that's my work, when I write. That's mine. It is free. Nobody tells me what to do. and I wouldn't listen if they did. It's all mine. It's my world. I have invented it. These are my people. This is my language.

And now, I have come to believe that everybody needs one of those places. It could be gardening. You know, it's just a place where it's you, and what you do. It can be creative. It can be computer. It can be anything. It's your sacred place, and you own it.


Toni summed up exactly what I feel when I write. While in school, I was the worst writer. I never had a  knack for it. The blog ended up being such an incredible blessing. I have never had something I could completely get lost in, and then feel so great when I walk away from it.

I am so thankful for my writing, and feel it is a real life escape. You may see me having the busiest day possible, but coming here, and writing is the one thing I will always make time for. It is one of the only things, that in the chaos of all else, I will sit down and do.

It is as though there is a magnetic field that pulls me from anywhere to here. I can truly get lost in a post, and the way it makes me feel afterward, is nothing short of incredible. The heavy weight is lifted off my shoulders, and I can carry on with my day. Lightened. What more can I ask for?

I write first for myself, and I then keep it public for anyone who may want to join me on this crazy journey. Sometimes, I wonder if I hurt, or help readers more. There are so many emotions when dealing with grief, and loss. I guess I feel, if I stay true to myself, and my journey, then I can't go wrong. So, I keep it open, because getting through a tragic event such as ours, would only add insult to injury if I kept it personal, and it happened to help just one single person.


  1. You described perfectly why I write also - well said!! Thank you for sharing yourself and your journey here with us, your words reach out to me at the times I need them the most ♥

  2. I am so glad that writing helps you. I am also glad that you write, because now I know an amazing person that has become a friend. :)