Monday, June 6, 2011

More About You Monday's

If you watched Friends, do you remember the one with "The List?" The top five 'freebie' celebrities? 

Here is a refresher if you don't remember, or haven't seen it. Sorry, in advance, about the quality ;o)

So this week, my question to you is....

Who are the top 5 on your list?


  1. Mine:
    The Rock
    Mario Lopez
    Nick Lachey
    Taye Diggs

    My husbands:
    Jennifer Aniston
    Alison Sweeny
    Jillian Michaels
    Olivia Munn
    Christina Hendricks

    Mine has stayed the same for years! He keeps talking about changing his. I try to tell him that it's the list in place at the time of the meeting, so if someone is replaced and the opportunity arises the next day, it's a no-go. :)

    (I can't figure out how to show my name above!)

  2. George Clooney times 5.


  3. I haven't thought about this in awhile. I have a very fluid list but here they are in no particular order:
    Colin Ferrell
    Justin Timberlake (but he has to sing and play the piano first)
    Enrique Iglesias (he should not say a word just look pretty and shirtless)
    Brad Pitt (pre or post Aniston is ok with me although he must not have the Jolie-Pitt beard)
    Will Smith

    Peter's Top 5
    Charlize Theron
    Scarlett Johanson
    Elisha Cuthert
    Jessica Alba
    Natalie Portman

    There is a new show on called Love Bites. The first episode was about just this senario. One of them sits beside one of his top 5. Anyways it was funny and made me think of you and Dave.

  4. The above post was from Sarah by the way your blog will only let me post annomously. How mysterious :0)

  5. I haven't really given it much thought but I know that Ryan Reynolds would top the list. Funny + Handsome is a deadly combination for me. I also would include Bradley Cooper. Yowza! Don't think I've ever typed that word before but it just suits him.

  6. Jason Stathom....
    Ben Affleck....
    George Clooney....
    Taylor Lautner....
    Jason Stathom....
    I had to put Jason down twice....sorry but he is just that awesome:)

  7. Josh Turner
    Robert Pattinson (I know, I know)
    Alexander Skarsgard
    Hugh Laurie
    Sam Tramell

  8. Josh Lucas
    David Beckham
    Robert Pattinson as Edward
    Adam Sandler (love the funny guys)
    Joe McIntyre (this one is for the 16 year old girl inside me)

  9. Gary ALLAN
    GARY Herzog
    Gary F*KING Allan
    .....ok. that's all i #5

    gary freakin' allan FIVE WAYS!