Monday, June 6, 2011

In Cahoots!

We walked in from the movies, and this was what I saw in the hall. I knew from this tiny piece of evidence, we were in trouble :o)

Apparently, even Rainey is sick, and tired of patterning! Something tells me the two of them are in cahoots, and this was the result!

I think Aviana is secretly looking over her shoulder, thanking Rainey for her good work!

I have to show you the progression of pictures, because Rainey's face is hilarious! She really didn't get in hardly any trouble. How can you, with a face like that?

"I'll just close me eyes. Maybe they'll disappear."

"Are they still looking at me?"

I was actually secretly pleased with Rainey, too. I thought it was an omen, and we would be forced to take a break from patterning. Dave yanked me right out of my dreamy state of mind when he said, "Well, I guess we'll have to go back to using the pink patterning table in the meantime." I screamed, "WHAT?!!" I forgot, we have a pink back up patterning table :o(

You know, because our hard core attitude used to be...

"Have table, will travel."

Seriously though, we are pretty much taking this entire week off in order to mentally, and physically prepare for Philadelphia :o)

We all need it BAD! It feels amazing!


  1. Oh how awful! But how sweet can Rainey be! She looks so adorable getting in trouble. She knows exactly what she did. :)
    As for the week off~ Hurray! Hurray! The was a great idea to regroup and energize before the big trip! So happy for you to get that time.

  2. Oh my Lord! She really did a good job with that table! Her facial expressions are PRICELESS! She was just trying to help her sister out! Sisters stick together ya know! :) Enjoy your "time off" all deserve it more than anyone !!

  3. I think YOU did this and are just blaming it on the dog.
    Hahaha. Just kidding :)

    Seriously, though....Rainy sure did a job on that table!! OMG it's totally destroyed.
    We used to have a "travel" patterning table, too. Except it was just a board (with a cushion top) that was just a bit shorter than our regular table. Whenever we went places we would just set it up on a table and do our patterning that way.

  4. Rainey Rainey Rainey.....I know you are older than me, but even I know you arent supposed to do that. Mommy and Daddy might get mad at you. Please chew on your antler instead of any patterning tables or remote controls, you might get a belly ache if you chew on those things. When are we going to have another play day? I wanna join you in your fun, I dont get to do that with my Daddy around, he'll send me to my room if I do and I get really bored in there thats why I jump all over him in the morning and wake him up. Tennis Ball? Where? Oops, I got side tracked. Anyways, be sure to be on your best behavior when your family isnt home. Hope to see you soon.


    Cooper Remedios

  5. LUV it.

    You all really should think twice about leaving them home alone from now on (wink)


  6. I agree with Katrina...I think YOU did it and you're just blaming Rainey (kind of like men and "doggy farts").

    I'm just sayin'.....

    Love you cuz!!


  7. OH Rainey! I'd suggest bitter apple spray, but on Avi would be pissed if she managed to get any of that stuff in her mouth. If you need help recovering the table, let me know. You can get the foam and vinyl at Joanne's, and it is easy to pull and staple to the bottom of the table.

  8. Oh gosh, I love Rainey's face here. She just makes me melt, with her adorable facial expressions <3