Monday, June 20, 2011

More About You Mondays

Oh my gosh. It is so nice to be back! I am in heaven being here at home, and having that long trip fading in my rear view mirror :o)

I wanted you to know just how much your comments mean to me. Before I left, I was well aware of the fact that I was going to need extra help getting through the week. The days were long, and tough on every level. 

As I was pushing through the week, each of your e-mails, texts, Facebook messages, and comments would pass through my phone at the most perfect time. When I say you all pulled me through with your kind words, I mean this on a level I can't properly explain. So thank you all for taking the time.

I truly got by with a little help from my friends :o)


Today, I woke up thinking about the seasons of the year. What is your favorite season, and also what is your favorite thing to do during that season?


  1. Autumn, hands down. I love going to the pumpkin patch, or Apple Hill. I love figuring out a costume for Emma with her. I love the crisp morning air and cool days. :)

  2. Autumn for me as well - October my favorite month. Halloween, fires burning in the fireplace and of course my son's birthday!!

  3. Summer has always been my favorite season. When I was a kid it was marked with our annual trip to Santa Cruz and we lived at the river. The yuba river is my home. And being on vacation for 8 weeks is just like the icing on the cake But I do have to say I have a new appreciation for the beauty and activities of fall but summer is my true love. Can I just say damn girl you rock that bikini!!! Im gonna wear a snow jacket to the pool with you in July. :0)

  4. Hi- I came across your blog completely randomly last Friday, and I was consumed by it the entire weekend - I read practically the whole thing and smiled, laughed, and cried. Your story is so incredibly touching and honest. Aviana is so beautiful, and I will continue to pray for her recovery, and for strength for you. I would love to help out in some way - please let me know if there is a fund I can contribute to. The only other thing I can think of is to give you restaurant recommendations for your next time in Philadelphia! I lived there through law school and have several favorites.
    There was a particular post you wrote that inspired me - I think it was called "Use Me." You talked about how we should all "use you" and be reminded of how lucky we are, and how everything can change or be taken away at a moment's notice. This weekend, I held my two boys more tightly, and appreciated the moments more. I reminded myself not to sweat the small stuff. Thank you for that. And thank you for sharing your story, which I will continue to follow.
    And by the way, my favorite season is summer. :) We always go to Cape Cod, and we are headed there next week.

  5. Favorite? I have to pick just one? I love them all. But fall and summer are neck and neck. Fall - for obvious reasons - pumpkins, family gatherings, cool weather. But summer - sand, the smell of sunscreen, getting burned anyway, warm windy nights. Really? I have to pick just one?

  6. Summer b/c I don't have to wear clothes that much.


  7. Spring because I love to house clean and I hate clutter. Everyone is in the mood to clean up the yard and every tree is so green. Love it but I also love fall and cool evenings but I hate cold winters....I love summer for not having to put the kids to bed early and lots of swimming:)

  8. i am a SUMMERGIRL (80's dino)

    if i didn't have to face workday-reality i would be at the beach everyday.....and enjoying the music every night.....that is summergirl livin'

  9. The Fall is my favorite. The crisp weather, beautiful leaves, bon fires, pumpkin patches, apple picking, hay rides, football games, Halloween, it's all good! There is just something about the Fall air that I LOVE.
    (But I still love the other seasons too.)