Sunday, June 5, 2011


We went out to the lake a few weeks ago. When we got there, I took my out camera, and wouldn't you know it? The battery was dead. Thank goodness for phones with cameras :o) We had a good day, but next time we are going to travel up the hill a little to a much prettier lake!  One downfall to growing up on the most beautiful lake in the world, is that so many lakes pale in comparison!

Aviana loved being out, and about. She had a really good day!

This was Rainey's first time swimming. She had to find her sea legs, but it didn't take much time at all ; )

I took a video of her first time out. I was trying not to throw the ball too far the first time, as I didn't know how well she would do. I threw a total dud on accident though ;o) I also have no idea why the filming turned sideways half way through. Oops!

She was so taken with the birds above ;o)

Ewww...feet! I was just so happy to be out!!

As you can see, Rainey came up and had shaken water all over her.


  1. I've been wanting to go out to the lake, too. I bet that water was cold! It doesn't look like Rainey cared, though. :)

  2. It looks like a great family outing!

  3. Rainey, you should have called me, I woulda gone with you!!!

    Your Cousin,

    Cooper Remedios

  4. FUN! FUN! FUN! One day we took Sam to a Lake Michigan beach and she just kept swimming out farther and farther...She loved to swim so much that she ignored our calls to her. Matt had to jump in after her to turn her around. So cute!

  5. LOVE that full face photo of Rainey...such a beautiful dog!!! So glad you all got out for a family day at the Lake.