Monday, June 27, 2011

More About You Monday

I forgot it was Monday today! I am sure you guessed, my favorite season is fall. I love it for every reason under the sun! I also love winter, because it brings heavy rain, and storms, storms, storms!


This week,  I got my question from another blog. I think it's a good one. I am especially fascinated with this question, and I hope you answer ;o)

Are you real?


  1. Boy Jen I am so amazed to hear about the Honeymoon portion of the program and the board. The board is such an unbelievable concept, the communication you can begin to have with Aviana! I can't even begin to imagine how enlightening it will be. I wish I had more time to write and respond to your blog more but I am so happy to read these amazing stories, Aviana spelling out Kama, just magical.
    Trouble sleeping tonight so thought I would actually take some time to respond to one of your Monday questions! Are you real? Well isn't that a loaded question? I think I am about as real as i'm going to get, too real for many people. I think I am pretty real most of the time:
    I tell it like it is, I wear my emotions on my sleeve, whether I know you for 2 seconds or 20 years I'll tell you all the stories of my life, I don't back down from rude or hurtful people, I can make fun of myself, I know I am completely far from perfect and that I will always be a work in progress, I get angry, I get sad, I get happy, I get confused, I get scared, I say the wrong things, I say the right things, I am too hard on myself, I am too easy on myself, sometimes I hate myself, sometimes I like myself, and above all I constantly search for the truth inside myself. I think that makes me pretty real.

    Love you,

  2. Ouch... that's an uncomfortable question.

    I wish I was real(er).

    I am a recovering people pleaser. I have made strides in the right direction over the past few years but I sometimes fall back into old habits of only showing people the side of myself that I think they want to see.

    I think everybody does that to some extent, but I wish I could be true to myself more and not care so much if other people thought I was weird.

    I have a friend who is the in your face "this is who I am, if you don't like screw you" type. I always wanted to be more like that but try as I might it just goes against the grain of who I am.

    Hhmmm... what a thought-provoking question.

  3. I try really hard to be real. I can certainly say that as I get older, I find it easier..I also thing that since becoming a mom, it is easier as well. Although my hubby does still tell me that I care what other people think of me way too much so maybe I can be 'realer'. I do believe that what you see is pretty much what you get...I laugh at myself alot...BUT I AM a work in progress always!!

  4. I actually read this as a more existential question! Like, am I real in the, am I the star of the Truman Show kind of real? Because every once in a while I wonder about that. Are you all in on it? :)
    Or sometimes, if I have a really vivid dream, I wonder which is real, the dream of what I think is real life. And do I think it's real life in the dream?
    Wow, I'm getting deep. :)
    Most days though, I do think I'm real. I'm here now at least!

  5. I think children are the "realest." With the process of growing up, there is interference with that. Being real for me is deciding what I want and what I don't want, and staying true to that. Not always easy...makes me really appreciate the uniqueness of my boys.

    Also, I believe we all have many realities: physical, mental, spiritual, public, private...hmm, depends on the context. You got me thinking!

  6. i suffer from people pleaser syndrome too......

    the extent of my affliction lessens with the closer you get to me. the more you know me the 'realer' (is that even a word?) i am.

  7. I'm real most of the time. If I was real all the time people would point and stare and most likely I'd be on the most wanted list. All kidding aside I think its something that I want to be better at and I think I'm a little better every day. Better with age? I guess so :)
    BTW - the power was out and I had a candle lit holding it with one hand while buttering up graham crackers with nutella with the other lol what a site and heck yeah I want all them recipes!! I found it odd that when shopping two days ago the entire shelf was empty of nutella. It was like my post went viral or was it the good Lord watching over me knowing that if there was some available I'd have one for every day of the week. Oh me oh my!
    Hugs to you and yours Mama!!!