Monday, June 6, 2011


He sleeps.

I wander.


In, and out of bed.

Up, and down the hall.

Restless limbs here, restless limbs there.

Room, to room, to room.

Clean this, clean that.

To water, and back.

To the bathroom, and back.

Water on, water off.

TV on, TV off.

Rainey up, Rainey down.

Alarm unset, alarm set.

Rainey in, Rainey out.

Lights on, lights off.

In, out, in, out.

Music on, music off.

Backlight on, backlight off.

Keyboard clicks on, clicks off.


Alarm sounds.

He wakes.

He has no idea what has transpired the entire night before.

For that, I am lucky!


  1. Oh Jen...we should meet up sometime for late night decaf coffee somewhere... :)

  2. If you're up, I'm usually online. Especially lately...sleep has been evading me.

  3. Maybe I should try that. I usually torture myself by lying there and listening to the snoring. ;-) I know...not the same thing. But still torture, nonetheless!