Saturday, June 25, 2011


Melissa asked, where we go in Philadelphia?

The place we go is called, are you ready for this, The Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential, or IAHP for short :o)

What a coincidence that you live strange...thank you for reading :o)


Trina asked, does Aviana even eat kale? Does she have much arm/hand control? How does she point?

Aviana eats kale every fourth day. Before the rotation diet, she ate it all the time. Within each meal she has to have one leafy green, and it usually consists of either kale, collard greens, dandelion greens, escarole, frisee, bok choy, swiss chard, or something of the sort. You can find what goes into one of her meals here. The list changes slightly with each trip back, so now we have come home with yet another modified diet. Fun ;o)

At times, Aviana has very limited arm control due to her rigidity. She does loosen up though. We pull her arms up and down to stretch them out before we do the FC Board. We also usually mask her before, and during a session to keep her loose. Due to her rigidity, she might put her finger on a letter close to the one she is meaning to type. Honestly, she is pretty darn spot on though, but for instance, yesterday she spelled T Y R T L E. The U was right by the Y, so we understood exactly what she was trying to say.

We hold her hand with her two middle fingers pointing out. She then guides her hand and taps the letters with her available finger :o)


Trina also asked...What??? Honeymoon?? What did we learn in the lecture series this time? Do they still keep it below zero in the lecture room?

They said they started doing the Honeymoon Program 25 years ago, and it is usually given on the 4th trip back to The Institute, which was this trip for us. They said they realize by this time we are burnt, and in need of a break. "Glenn Doman were you reading my diary??"  Trina, I am horribly sorry you never heard of, or got a Honeymoon ;o(

I will definitely go over what we learned in the lectures in a future blog post!

Yes, they still keep it freezing cold!! Bring on the socks, boots, sweatshirts, jackets, I could have used gloves at one point, etc. And just think....I run HOT!! I felt for the people who are always cold!

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  1. I just spoke with Rich and asked him if he remembers talk of a "honeymoon" program back when we were doing the program, and he definitely does not remember it. Yet we had at least 7 trips back -- so they must have forgotten about us. Oh well.

    Thanks for answering all the questions!