Friday, June 10, 2011

❤ ❤ Heart Tutorial ❤ ❤

Stephanie asked how to make a heart. I finally learned, and am loving it. I use them everywhere. When I forget to use a heart, I wish I did!

Option 1

I heard you can type < + 3, and that makes a heart. That didn't always work for me, so I learned another way. All too often I see <3 this in messages. In my limited experience, Option 2 always ensure a true heart.

Option 2

A good friend of mine taught me. I have a Mac, so I only know how to do it on this computer. He said I could press control + option + t, and it would open the characters pallet. For some reason, my computer won't allow me to do that. I am sure we can chalk it up to operator error though. So, I go to Edit - Special Characters - Miscellaneous. There are hearts in there, but my very favorite heart is in Ornamental Punctuation, and looks like this...

❤  ❤  ❤

Adding hearts in this way, ensures they will always look like a heart....I think ;o)

You can also use these hearts anywhere, in a blog, on Facebook, wherever your heart desires!

I hope this helped!

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