Friday, June 10, 2011


Over Memorial Day weekend, plans were all over the place. Dave ended up needing to tell me he had a little surprise planned for us, a quick daytime getaway. 

I have a hard time with surprises, so I hounded him! I harassed him by day, and was a pest, well into the night! He stood his ground. The day before though, I laid it on extra thick. He finally cracked!  I twiddled my thumbs, twinkled my eyes, and a half smirk appeared on my face. All in admiration that my master plan had finally worked. You know the one; annoy the heck out of him, until he can't take it anymore, and just wants me to shut the mouth. A day at the park. I tell you, I am a real life picnic!

The plan was to go kart racing, and then continue on to the shooting range. I was over the moon, excited. I have a serious need for speed, and have been known to act as though my Tahoe is a two seater sports car, especially on the curvy roads to Tahoe! I have also always wanted to go to the shooting range!!

It was going to be the perfect day, and I was super excited...did I mention that already :o)

We had the best day ever, with the kart races being the highlight! I am a thrill seeker by nature. The higher. The faster. The whipier (I know that's not a word, but I am going to use it anyway) the ride, the better. The kart races satisfied every single one of those criteria, and more. If you haven't been, I highly recommend it!! It was one of the best things I have ever done in my life ;o)

The shooting range was awesome too. I thought, holy cr*p should I really be holding a gun, and shooting it?? I have a hurt child you know, there's a lot of pent up stuff inside this body of mine!! The answer was YES!! I have shot bee bee guns, and stuff like that, but I have to say, there is nothing quite like holding a 9mm glock in your hand, and shooting it!!

I did awesome at first, you know hitting the target right in the middle, but then got really tired, and lazy towards the end, and was hitting the ground and stuff :o(  I just realized, one should never use the words tired, lazy, and gun in the very same sentence :o) Food for thought!

Thank you to the best husband ever!! The one who knows exactly what a day of fun looks like through my eyes!!!

That's not me, running around, in my helmet and suit, climbing furniture!

These next three pictures are not us, but I stole them from their website to show you what it's like.

Shoot em' up sucker!!

I have to say, it's kind of a weird feeling when a shell casing comes back, and taps you!


  1. Good Job Dave!! That looks like an exciting day and a great way to let out some of your stress! That is some high tech Kart racing! Who won?

    I do anything to win. I love speed too. :)

  2. SO glad you were able to get out for some fun!!

  3. looks like a fantastic day!!!! the speed, drive that stress away.