Saturday, June 4, 2011

Something's Wrong Here

It takes a little bit to get Aviana into her anti-gravity suit. Mainly, because she tenses up before putting her in, and the suit is long sleeved. Rigid arms, and long sleeves are the worst. We keep saying we are going to cut them off, and make our lives easier!

Dave was finally finished, and ready to take her out. He brought her over to me and asked, "do you see something wrong here?"


  1. OK, I know that isn't funny, but it made me laugh. Too bad the legs don't open up so you can velcro her into it.

  2. If those legs didn't have to support her weight, I'd totally sew in some velcro or snaps for you. My kid dresses herself like that sometimes, without limitations. It's like trying to get snow gloves on a little kid. :)