Friday, November 12, 2010

Rainey Days

Prior to Kama getting sick, our plan was to add another pup to our family. Once Kama got sick, our my plans for another were temporarily shelved. Dave on the other hand, continued with them behind my back. He thought it would be good for all of us, especially Kama.

Can you believe he almost sprung a puppy on me. Dave did go so far as to get pictures of a black lab mix from the SPCA in Redding. I had found out by this point, so he sent me pictures of the 6 month old little girl, who also had a sister. Upon opening them, I felt a deep sadness, and total love intertwined throughout my body.

After learning just how grim our situation was with Kama, all plans were off, even though in my heart of hearts I knew we are the type to always be blessed with the love of the doggie kind.

We got back from the Institute last Saturday, and Sunday morning I woke up, blinked a few times, and instantly knew it was time for another.

Dave left messages for the SPCA, as we wanted to know if the 2 girls were still available. On Monday, Dave called again, and one of them had already been adopted. By the twist of a case of "kennel cough" fate stepped in, and the other had just become available. 

Dave left work immediately, swooped Aviana and I up, and we were off for a 6 hour round trip drive to get our newest love.

We had never met this particular pup, or even seen a picture for that matter, but we knew we were going home with her. 

From the moment she tottled out of her kennel...we voiced that we would take her. She was everything we wanted, and we could tell within a split second.

We adopted her, and brought her home.

She is one of the sweetest, calmest, most loving beings we have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I can honestly say she is heaven sent.

While I have still been in tears all week long....I now have her to snuggle next to. She is a breath of fresh air, and keeps us laughing, and loving.  

Our favorite days are of the rainy variety. To us, overcast rainy, gloomy days are the most beautiful, serene, calm, best days. They also have just enough energy to create some excitement. For these reasons, we chose to name her Rainey.

I will be forever thankful to our little saving grace.

I would now like to introduce you to our new baby girl....

Kama would have wanted us to share her ultra comfy bed with Rainey. These two are so small they can both fit

This is her very favorite way to lay =)


  1. How cute, we gotta introduce Rainey and Cooper. Love you Cuz!!!

    Steve Remedios

  2. Oh I'm so happy to see Rainey. He is beautiful. His fur is so shiney and he is so cute. He is perfect and I'm so happy you have a new dog to love. The pictures are wonderful. Fran

  3. OH MY GOSH. I already love that little puppy! Labs are the best. I am so glad you are happy with her, and have a puppy breath to cuddle with. How exciting for Avi too. And what a great hubby! My cousin just reminded me that the word Dog is God spelled backwards. I believe it!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS! Oh so sweet, and so much fun to be had. She will be the perfect addition to your loving family. So excited for you all!

  5. Oh my heart is smiling at your new baby. I can see Kama smiling down from Heaven because she knows Rainey will help heal your broken places. Never a replacement. Just somebody wholly new to love! Life is good.

  6. She is absolutely adorable!! I am so happy for you all. I am sure she will bring much love and will be greatly loved in return ♥

  7. Awwwww....congrats on your new puppy! She is adorable.

  8. Sweet puppy cuddles and kisses are the perfect medicine. Congratulations on the new addition!

  9. Congrats! She is gorgeous and your story had me in tears! Can't wait to keep up w/ your new adventures w/ her and Aviana! ;)

  10. She is so cute and perky! We're so glad you rescued a puppy who needed a caring home that will bring her comfort and love. We look forward to watching her grow and hearing more about your amazing life. The Lefflers form NJ

  11. you know I'm not really a dog person but oh my gosh, she is GORGEOUS!!! I want you to post some video of you and your Rainey! And remember, Raina means queen in Spanish!

  12. Congratulations! Rainy is beautiful and perfect for you. I'm so glad you have her. It was the best thing we did after losing Riley. I know how much your heart still aches for Kama, but just to have Rainy to snuggle and make you smile will be perfect. Lucy and Rainy have the same collar! :)

  13. so glad even with your sadness you can enjoy another sweet girl who will try as hard as possible to brighten your day.

  14. Awwwww!!!! I love her already!!! :-) But I still have tears for Kama, too! :-( I hope she can help you through the rough times when you're missing Kama!


  15. Absolutely adorable. She is soo pretty! Glad you are enjoying her.