Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Ohhhh's and Awwwweee's were the common theme at The Institute this time. Everyone was pleasantly surprised by Aviana's appearance. They thought she had made a great transformation since the last visit.

It was nice because every which way we turned, she seemed to be the talk of the town! Quite a different story than our previous visit!

On our first visit to The Institute, they concluded that her neurological age was 5.97 months. After 6 months on the program, they re-evaluated her, and determined her new age to be 6.54.  Yes, barely any difference. They were happy though with her physiological progress.

This visit, they determined her new neurological age to be 19.78 months. We were so happy with that jump. We are finally narrowing the gap between her chronological, and neurological age.

They award victories at the Institute. They have 21 different categories. Last visit we came home empty handed. This visit, we attained 3 victories!  We were so excited to see our hard work pay off :o)

She received her:

Reading Victory

Detoxification Victory

Understanding Victory

We are so proud of all of the work Aviana has done, and continues to do on a daily basis.  She is the most amazing little girl!

I am sure there will be ebbs and flows with each visit, for now, we are going to ride this exciting wave as long as we can ; D


  1. That is such amazing news! She truly is an amazing little girl with two amazing parents!


  2. HUGE!!!!! That is awesome news! Because of you there is such progress~great work you guys!

  3. What great news!!! YAY for all of you!!!

  4. Oh Jen, I'm so honestly, truly happy for you! And I know just how much those numbers AFTER the points matter! To go from 6.54 to 19.78!!!! AMAZING!!!! So proud of you and all the hard work it takes. And you do it. YOU do it! Day in, day out, 24/7 it's YOU! You and Aviana!

  5. That is awesome! What a huge improvement! I know that when you're up close it seems like things are creeping along. Those victories have got to feel so good! Give that sweet little girl a big hug for us.

  6. FABULOUS NEWS!!!!!!!!! Way to go Avi!!! Just by seeing her in pictures I can see progress. :)

  7. OMG! That is AMAZING!!! What a huge jump. I know ya'll are super proud! That little girl is such a fighter!! Ya'll are just so amazing to me!

  8. Go ahead and SURF & CELEBRATE that wave....yaaay Avi & her "staff" (proud momma & daddy)

    Continued BLESSINGS & PROGRESS to you!

  9. Woohoo!! I am doing a happy dance here at work and singing "Go Avi, Go Avi, it's your birthday, it's your birthday" ♥

  10. Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!
    I can't wait to see updated pictures (hint hint). What all is she doing now?

  11. Jen,
    what you have gone through it's amazing to
    hear how much of a fighter you are..this is where
    Avi gets her strength from.
    Go Jen go Jen......Avi is the luckiest little girl
    she found you and you saving her life. Where
    she came from til down. You are special:-)

  12. Woot Woot Aviana!!!
    Pleased to see genuine success after so much effort.
    At basically 2 years old, wow, she is half way there!!! Closing the Gap for sure.or
    Keep up the endurance race, the windfall for the rest of your lives will be numerous.
    :) As always, my prayers of support go to you and thank you for sharing your story.

  13. That is SOOOOOO Awesome!!!!
    Now did I miss the Halloween post? I have been waiting to see what she was for Halloween.