Saturday, November 27, 2010

Flying High Again

Here are many of the pictures from our flights to and from Philadelphia. Aviana has always been a good flyer, even on our very first flight from Guatemala when she was 11 months old, and just put into the arms of a new family.

So, maybe not right when she wakes up!

Now, on to our Philadelphia trip....

She got upset, so we passed her on over to her Nana and Papa.

This is my favorite picture from the trip, I just wish she didn't look like an Oompa Loompa!

She's finally on to me!

And....she catches me!

To my best friend Jen~

Happy Birthday! 

I love you, and couldn't survive all of this without you!!!

Have a great day today!


  1. She is so beautiful! Love the pic of her peeking out from under her hand.

  2. The pictures are sooo cute! I love her many facial expressions.

  3. Love them! Just to encourage you on how many people are praying for YOU and for your sweet may not always be able to see those small changes (because you are face to face every day)...but boy I sure see some changes that once may seemed never to be. Your family is doing a wonderful job! Enjoy the fruits of your hard work, you all deserve it!


  4. Murphy's law indeed, I guess when things work out easily then you can be pleasantly surprised.
    Loved the airplane pictures, it is a mazing to see the differences in here compared to 1 year ago. YOU ARE CRAZY for hosting Thanksgiving, I did it once, I don't really like the food, I don't like turkey or the smell of it. hope you all had a great time!

  5. Avi's changes are AMAZING!!!!!!! You are doing an amazing job!!!!! Keep it up Jen! Can't wait to hear about Thanksgiving!

  6. I agree with the other posters, you can see such a difference in her facial expressions...she just seems so much more alert and "with it" than she used to be. Baby steps!! You are making AWESOME progress with her!!