Tuesday, November 16, 2010


For no reason in particular,

and every reason possible,

I have the best husband,

in the whole wide world!


  1. yes you do
    and he, i'm sure, feels he has the best wife in the world too!

    you two are AMAZING!

  2. I love her costume, gla dto see at least you went somewhere out of your house.
    I get carsick too, can't sit in the back seat EVER and even in the front its not great. They say taking gingerroot haven't tried it yet.
    I dont' know how you guys look to the future, I guess you have to because you have to make some plans, but no one knows what their future holds, I just can't imagine your future must look like endlessness of the same thing. Like groundhogs day the movie. I'm hoping there is some sort of school that she will be able to attend, so that you will ahve a small break of normalcy. I know even when they are at school when they get home its more therapy, so so sorry this is what life is, I so hope that things turn around.

  3. You have the best husband in the world!
    And this is where your journey began.
    Your love for each other is what keeps you
    all so strong. You look like there also fun
    @ your house. Keep the faith....