Friday, November 26, 2010


My nurse Michelle now calls me, "Murphy", as in "Murphy's Law."  Nice hah?  Well 4 months ago, we found another perfect nurse. She has been here one day a week, and sometimes more if Michelle were to take days off.  She has done an excellent job, and I was really looking forward to working with her.

Michelle's last day was this past Wednesday, and my new nurse's first day was set to be this Monday. I got a call on Wednesday afternoon explaining that my new nurse had quit the company, therefore I would not have a nurse.

The agency I use is terrible. The right hand is never aware of what the left is doing. The only reason I stayed with them was because of my 2 outstanding nurses. Without them, there was no reason left for me to stay.  I discontinued services with them this past Wednesday.

We will be going it alone for a little while.

Wish us luck. We are going to need it!


  1. Go in between the spaces. Your center

  2. OH!KNOW!
    That is the worst news~good luck and keep trying to find a new nurse!!!!

  3. Oh Jen! I meant to ask you the other night about what was going on with Michelle and other help. I'm so sorry!!!! I like your nickname, I'm going to have start using that, lol.

  4. Do you have a way to get in touch with the "new" nurse on your own? Maybe you can hire her independently?? I know people do that and are able to get it covered through insurance. Might be worth a try. So sorry about the stress though. That's the last thing you need!

  5. That STINKS! We'll cross our fingers and send up a good word in hopes that you find a new nurse soon.