Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Chestnut Hill Local

Chestnut Hill is our favorite city in Philadelphia, and is a stones throw from The Institute.  My friend Ellen told them about us, and they decided we would make a worthwhile story :o)

The woman doing the interview was very thorough, and wonderful to work with. She allowed us to proof the article as many times as we saw fit. I was really happy about this, as we had learned our lesson the hard way in the past from other inaccurate reports on us.

We hope you enjoy....

Thank you Ellen and Constance.


  1. Hi Jen,

    My name is Stacy and I live outside of Philly. I'm actually born and raised in Philly. I have two kids adopted from Guatemala. Marco is 5 and Dulce is 3. I loved the article. I have followed your blog forever and your strength and your honesty has just blown me away many, many times. I saw from the article that yu'll be back here in June. My email is I would love to chat.

  2. Now I'm crying again. They're happy tears, though. That little angel has touched so many lives. :)