Monday, November 15, 2010

Gothic Vampira

I am sorry I am so behind on posting Aviana's Halloween pictures. We were going to be touring Gettysburg on Halloween, so I wanted to get her the perfect costume for the occasion.

Aviana was a Gothic Vampira. She took it very serious, as she was in character all day.  She woke up in this manner, and did not come out of character until the next morning.  You'll see what I mean by the pictures!

We went to the Gettysburg Museum. We thought it was very interesting, but I suppose it was a little boring for Aviana.

Do you see what I mean?




I am not a mind reader, but I think she was saying, "Please...I beg of you....take me trick or treating!"

Apparently, Abe and I got a little too cozy...

And someone in particular didn't like it! Sheesh Dave!


  1. lol....dave was just protecting his rights!!! geesh that abe is a little TOO FRIENDLY if you ask me!!!

    aviana's costume is AWESOME!!!! i've been patiently waiting to see what you came up with.... LOVE IT!!!!

    and the gettysburg area is definitely beautiful this time of year...all the fall colors!

  2. Aviana looks so adorable, even if she would have preferred to go trick or treating. It is so pretty out that way.

  3. Ahh, what a cute little vampire.
    Her hair is so pretty. Must be all those organic veggies eh? That, Avianna is def. one healthy girl!

  4. Oh my gosh Dave just give Abe a chance jeez sexy Abe