Monday, November 8, 2010

She Knew

Aviana was visibly upset about Kama. The first time I truly realized it was the Saturday when Kama was really sick, and I had set the appointment.

We were trying to feed Aviana, and she would not eat. She was also crying out throughout the day. It was a totally different type of cry. I did not understand what was going on until a little later.

It finally dawned on me that just like me, she wasn't eating anything, and was crying because of Kama. It was like a ton of bricks came down upon my head. In one single moment, it all made sense. Our baby girl knew she was losing her best friend.

I can handle a lot, but one thing I couldn't handle was when Dave walked Kama over so Aviana could say goodbye to her. This thought will bring me to tears for the rest of my days.

She was everything to Aviana, and Kama was by Aviana's side in sickness and in health.


  1. Wow, that is really amazing, not to mention heartbreaking. She was lucky to have her when she needed her the most.

  2. That is the worst part. I had a harder time watching Emma cry than I did with my own emotions. :(

  3. it is hard for them, even when Maya was a baby and I couldn't get her adoption thru and yet everyone else I knew had left, I was just upset and sad and she even being young knew there was something going on, wouldn't eat, sleep, was crabby.

  4. Seeing and reading this breaks my heart....

  5. reading this post made me cry. kama was an incredible dog. it is very hard on kids when they lose their buddy. they do not understand why their buddy had to leave them and why their buddy is now in Heaven. my 5yr. old daughter still cries over the loss of 2 of our cats who adored her and she adored them. when she cries, i then read to her a childrens book about cats in Heaven that she loves. i hold and hug her and tell her they are now not in pain and are happy where they are. we also have told her they are now a star in the sky. so, every night Ella looks for stars and if she sees any, says there is Toby, Lexi and Cody (our cats who are gone) and Sweetie (grandma's dog) and Scooby (Pop Pops dog). the book I read to her and my other 2 children helps reassure them that even though our cats had to leave us, they always are watching us and still with us in our hearts. beautiful pics, beautiful scrapbook pages and may your heart heal soon, but may all your fond memories of kama always remain in your heart.


  6. This post is heartbreaking. I was wondering how Avianna has been dealing with Kama's death.
    Time will heal right?