Monday, October 17, 2011

What's Been Going On...

As you know, we have been on a really big pie making kick. I was going to Tahoe with my friend Amy big time stay out all night, get really drunk and blow off some serious steam trip and we were going to stay with my dad, so I asked him what kind of pie we could make and bring up. He requested cherry. Dave and I have wanted to try a lattice top so we watched a You Tube video and this was the result...

We have been making pie...

We ~ ever so unoriginally named this one...

"She's My Cherry Pie"

For those of you who might not remember this infectiously catchy, heavy on the cheese song...

You're welcome.

Avians has been playing Hide and Seek. 

I keep trying to explain to her that her Avi long legs keep giving her away...

When we went shopping at the new pet food store, these cute little puppies were up for adoption. I wanted one or ten REALLY bad! We walked around and then when we walked back, the lady was loading them all up for the day. I almost took them all and ran!

This was them looking at Rainey.

They melt my black, jaded heart!

Rainey ~ do you want a friend?


CUTIE overload!

A new pet food store opened up in our town. Yes, this is an exciting happening in our household.

I thought it was so cute to see all the dogs getting their baths, so why not Rainey? She wasn't too happy when I plunked her into the sink...

Rainey ~ look at the camera!

Can you tell who was more excited about this endeavor?

Rainey ~ just because you don't want to take a bath doesn't mean you have to stick your tongue out at the camera!

Avi just sits and thinks about doing her FC Board. about no Mommy?

These are the pictures from when we visited our AMAZING friends in Seattle. 

Cameo and I

Cameo, Beya and I

This one cracks me was taken by a just about 7 year old named Asa. I think he's got some natural talent there ;o)


  1. Random thoughts. The pie looks heavenly! Aviana has such long legs. Have you ever shown her an iPad? I have the same green pillow. Cameo should come visit you, too. I don't know why you didn't get one of those dogs because they're really cute....and that statement from me is unexpected.

  2. Awwww those are cute puppies! I want one ( or all ) too!
    Yummy pie! I <3 pie
    Avi does have extremely long legs.....I agree with Dixie, have you shared the iPad with Avi? I have a friend whose son cannot speak (among other problems/issues) & when e was given an iPad at hs school it opened a whole new world for him!
    Looks like fun times up in Seattle :)

  3. I just watched the story about steve jobs on 60 minutes. They had a story about the way children with autism are able to communicate with a special program on ipads. It was amazing!