Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our Kind of Therapy

We decided to get a backpack and take Aviana for walks. We figured it would help her to be in a different position. Instead of a passive position, she has to work to keep her body balanced and her head up. We figured she would be motivated to raise her head with all different things to look at. 

We were also excited for the workout we would be getting. We take her out for about an hour. I walk her for 30 minutes and then Dave walks her for 30. I LOVE having her on my back and feel like I can walk her all day long. I love talking to her and having her little head right there with me. 

I should make a disclaimer though, the first times out it was not all rosey. She was screaming and crying directly in our ear. Right there in our ears! Not nice, but she will get used to it, just like she gets used to everything that is new. She is just not used to being in this new position so I would imagine it feels really uncomfortable to her.


  1. Awww..... she looks so cute and not at all pissed, haha.

  2. I bet she'll really enjoy that. She and I have that gene in common. I never liked new things either, until they weren't new.