Monday, October 10, 2011

Rainey Dayz

Rainey does this funny thing where she sits right on her butt. I think it's hilarious. I poured my coffee this morning and decided to sit on the living room couches facing out the front of the house so I could watch the rain come down. Rainey jumped up and sat down next to me. I was laughing because she was sitting in her quirky little way. I chanced it and ran to grab the camera. She must have been really sleepy because she actually stayed put.



Checking to see if I am still there.

Oh sweetie!

Finally, her tipping point ; )


  1. My brother and his wife from Anacortes are coming to visit. And, they're bring their big black dog, who they promise will lay at their feet the whole visit. As you know, I'm a baby person, not so much a dog person, so I'm counting on them to be right.

  2. Rainey brightened up my night. Such cute dog! My late bull mastiff used to sit like that. Keep the doggie pics coming :)

  3. awww rainey is suchs a sweet puppy...

  4. Sooooo cute! My yellow lab Barkley used to do that sit too. Love it!